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Bradford Health Services


Situated in Manchester, Tenn., Bradford Health Services provides comprehensive intensive outpatient treatment programs for adults and adolescents over the age of 13 struggling with chemical dependency.One of 27 facilities of the Bradford Health Services’ addiction treatment network, including one in Franklin and Clarksville, the Manchester location does not provide on-site detoxification services. However, Bradford Health Services does offer 24/7 help through their helpline, as well as no-cost consultations, dual diagnosis care, and intervention services.


Bradford Health Services bases treatment on a disease model of addiction. Clients may enter the Manchester facility’s intensive outpatient program (IOP) following inpatient treatment or as a starting point for their treatment in the early stages of their chemical dependency. Several times per week, clients attend special sessions designed to treat their risk of relapse and environmental stressors. Less critical emotional stressors are also treated.

Following IOP care, both adolescent and adult clients may enroll in the Extended Care Program, an aftercare program designed to help clients address potential obstacles to sobriety, including unresolved grief or trauma, work-related issues, and others. The program treats dual diagnoses such as depression, chronic pain, and PTSD among others. Services include individual, group, and family therapy; medical management; and 12-step treatment. Group topics in extended care include chronic pain, relapse prevention, trauma recovery, grief and loss, and desensitization.


Staff at the Manchester facility includes a psychiatrist, therapists, counselors, and a licensed adventure therapist. The three individuals (loved ones of former clients) polled by to date rated the staff’s level of experience and training four, five, and five out of five stars.


At the time of this writing, has not received any feedback from alumni of the Manchester location of Bradford Health Services.

On Google, two reviewers to date both rated the Manchester facility a perfect five stars,[1] and on CiteHealth, two alumni also offered five-star ratings.[2] In feedback, reviewer Frankie Google wrote to Google: “Convenient location and low prices,” and on CiteHealth, both anonymous alumni praised the facility’s staff. One wrote: “The staff at Bradford is excellent. They treat you as family and are genuine in their care and concern of all of their patients. Best experience I have ever had.”


The three loved ones polled by to date rated the Manchester facility four out of five stars for its overall treatment effectiveness. They also each rated the facility four or five out of five stars for its family participation and cleanliness. They offered the lowest ratings for holistic treatment offerings, each rating it three out of five stars.

A loved one described the facility as a “great place to go for help,” while another anonymous loved one described the staff as “friendly” and the program as “workable.” Although the majority of respondents offered high ratings for counseling options, one loved one did comment that services and counseling options were limited.


On Indeed, 60 reviewers to date rated Bradford Health Services as a network an average 3.4 out of five stars, with ratings of 2.9 stars in management and 3.1 stars in company culture.[3] On Glassdoor, 44 employees to date rated the network an average 2.2 out of five stars,[4] revealing mixed reactions from current and former employees.

Clients reported mixed feedback on staff and management, with some writing that staff cared for clients and the organization of the structure and others writing the opposite. A former crisis responsive consultant at the Manchester facility wrote on Glassdoor: “The staff are friendly and the work is rewarding,” but another one on Indeed wrote: “Some co workers are very rude to staff and clients.”


Bradford Health Services of Manchester accepts most major insurance providers. Private payment options are also available.


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