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Focus Treatment Centers offer compassionate, comprehensive and affordable treatment and advocacy for adults struggling with substance use and eating disorders. Our therapeutic and philosophical framework utilizes Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to support our patients in achieving long-lasting behavior changes based on acceptance and mindfulness practices. We also engage our patients in intensive shame reduction and self-compassion work as well as trauma therapy grounded in attachment theory and movement therapy.


Focus Treatment Centers, also known as Focus Integrative Centers, offer comprehensive residential and outpatient-based treatment programs for adults struggling with substance misuse, a dual diagnosis, and eating disorders. The organization operates two Tennessee locations in Chattanooga and Knoxville. Medical detoxification is available on-site.


The facility offers a continuum of care for substance abuse recovery. Clients in the residential treatment program generally stay for 28 days. If necessary, the medical detoxification process generally lasts between four and 10 days, and the facility utilizes medications to minimize the discomfort of withdrawal. The facility is also one of only 27 (11.9 percent) treatment facilities in Tennessee to offer on-site medically-monitored detox,

During residential care, clients are exposed to the 12-step model of recovery. In addition, Focus Treatment Centers offers a therapeutic framework that includes acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), life skills training based on dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and intensive relapse prevention counseling. Clients struggling with an eating disorder also receive nutritional counseling, shame-resilience training, and trauma-focused counseling.

Additionally, treatment programming includes expressive therapies such as art therapy and gentle yoga. Focus Treatment Centers also offers partial hospitalization program (PHP) and an intensive outpatient program (IOP). These outpatient-based programs may be utilized as stand-alone programs or as “step-down” aftercare measures after residential care.


The professional treatment staff of Focus Treatment Centers is comprised of doctors, psychotherapists, nurses, and a dietitian. Focus Treatment Centers is one of only 66 (29.1 percent) of treatment facilities in Tennessee to be accredited by the Joint Commission. The facility also maintains the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval.


Located among the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, patients in the residential treatment program stay in semi-private rooms. They also have the opportunity to visit the local YMCA three times a week and go on weekly social outings to the movies, theaters, and parks. Overall, the nine individuals polled on the matter by to date approved of the upkeep of the facility.

Facility’s Cleanliness and Upkeep: 4.4/5


The 13 alumni polled by to date provided generally positive reviews of Focus Treatment Centers. In particular, alumni praised the its holistic offerings, family participation, and the staff’s experience and training, among many other aspects.

Holistic Offerings: 4.6/5
Family Participation: 4.5/5
Staff’s Level of Experience and Training: 4.1/5

“I went there a broken man who could no longer function in life as a responsible adult and they completely gave me the tools to get back to my core values,” alum Gerald wrote. Isolated criticism included “not enough free time,” “expensive,” and that the program was “not long enough.”

Feedback from alumni on secondary review sites was also generally positive. On Google, three individuals all gave the facility perfect five-star ratings.[1] “This facility and staff are exceptional!” Margo, a representative reviewer, wrote. On Facebook, the facility received an average rating of 4.9 out of five stars based on 29 reviews.[2] Focus Treatment Centers’ staff may manage reviews on the facility’s official Facebook page.


The sole loved one polled by as of this date gave Focus Treatment Centers a mixed review that skewed negative. In particular, she “found certain things unprofessional” such as the staff, which she felt “just wanted to do as little as possible to help.” The facility received a single one-star review from a loved one on Yelp.[3]


The sole staff member polled by at the time of this writing gave an overall positive review, highlighting the facility’s meals and nutrition, as well as the amount of family participation, in particular. Though they gave four out of five stars for the facility’s affordability, the anonymous staff member wrote “Not affordable for someone w/ no insurance or state-funded insurance.” They also gave low ratings for counseling options, exercise options, and its holistic offerings. On Google, the sole staff member gave the facility five out of five stars.


Focus Treatment Centers works with most major insurance providers, according to its website, and provides another financing option for clients who need it. Individuals polled by on the matter felt the facility was overall affordable.

Affordability: 3.7/5

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Focus Treatment Centers Reviews

There are not enough stars available to rate this facility properly and the programs they offer. I personally experienced this through the outpatient program and my life, as well as my children’s lives, will forever be changed and impacted by my time here. I attended and completed the Intensive Outpatient Program virtually during the pandemic with Charles Baker as my counselor. The knowledge that is able to be obtained through this program WILL change your life. There is so much to know regarding mental health and substance use... things you won’t realize you’re lacking or struggling with until you work through it with their help. I will forever tell everyone I know about Focus and what they have to offer as I share my testimony. Thanks to this facility and my counselor, I have control of my life back and I can now see clearly things that I didn’t recognize before. TEAM FOCUS!
Incredibly caring, devoted, and knowledgable staff who make Focus feel like a family. family-like atmosphere that is very loving and kind. could use some updates on the inside.
When I was admitted to Focus, I was struggling with alcoholism and prescription drug abuse as well as heroine abuse. My addiction had escalated to the point where I was deceiving my family and I had been terminated from my job. Despite the obvious signs around me, I was in denial that I had a problem. Within 24 hours of attending classes inside Focus, I knew I was in the right place. I had structure without the stresses of daily life to distract me from addressing the causes of my addiction. I learned so much in Focus and I am glad to say I have been sober for almost one year now. Focus offered classes on shame reduction (addicts carry tons of guilt which can be dangerous for recovery), the 12 steps, yoga and art (it is paramount for addicts to learn alternative ways of relaxation other than using substances), physiology of addiction, the recovery process and what to expect and lessons on triggers (this was critical for when I returned home). Throughout the day I met one on one with my assigned therapist and attended classes led as a group with an addiction therapist or a counselor. The patient care technicians are all recovered addicts, which meant the world to me because I was very apprehensive about how I would be treated. No one understands compassion in addiction like another addict and the care technicians were a key part of helping me relax and feel that I wasn't being judged. They spent time with us in the day room and they ate meals with us. They gave me a chance to see how recovery in action works and I have carried those lessons with me. I cannot say enough about the food at Focus!!! It is absolutely delicious, and on my first morning home I have to admit I was sad thinking I would no longer be served those delicious meals. The insurance paperwork was a breeze to complete and the team at Focus worked with me and my husband closely and answered all our questions so that financial worries and paperwork were not something I had to concern myself with. One of the most important parts of my treatment at Focus was the fact that every day we attended a 12 step meeting. I did not understand the need for meetings at first, but slowly over time I came to know other members of AA and NA. Going to meetings became part of my daily routine and I came to look forward to learning and hearing members share. When I was discharged, I had no hesitation attending meetings because I already knew where they were, what they were like, and how to get to them. I have made so many close friends at Focus and I continue to attend their weekly aftercare program as well as AA and NA meetings held there. Focus changed my life. It wasn't just "rehab" - it was an opportunity to learn why I was abusing drugs and alcohol. It was a jumping off point for the rest of my life as a sober wife, mother, and employee. I highly recommend Focus.
Focus staff are the most caring yet professional people you will find. You are not a number at focus and from their inpatient to outpatient treatments they saved my life. I would highly recommend Focus over any other programs in town!
When I went to rehab, I was under the assumption that a part of my day would be spent with specialists (like licensed counselors or therapists). Not so here! I saw a counselor once a week and a nutritionist once a week. The remainder of the time was spent doing little activities with staff (most of whom barely have a high school diploma and were hired off Craiglist) such as charades, drawing, and "game night," none of which seemed to be focused on recovery. Waste of $$$!