Mountain View Hospital Behavioral Inpatient Health

Mountain View Hospital Behavioral Inpatient Health


Mountain View Hospital in Payson, UT, about 20 minutes south of Provo, runs a short-term behavioral health inpatient unit for adults between the ages of 18 and 55. The program is designed to provide relief from an immediate crisis while simultaneously addressing more underlying causes of psychiatric trouble in counseling and group therapy.

Medical detoxification is also provided when necessary.


The 10-bed inpatient unit at Mountain View Hospital is called the “Pavilion.” Treatment programming at the Pavilion begins with a comprehensive assessment and follows with a personalized plan of individual counseling, group therapy, and medication management. As they approach the end of their treatment stay, clients work together with their assigned counselors in developing an effective discharge plan.

For seniors, geriatric treatment is built to assess and address “cognitive and functional decline due to depression, anxiety, dementia, and substance abuse.”


Treatment staff at the inpatient unit include physicians, psychiatrists, therapists, and technicians.


Rooms at the 10-bed inpatient unit are semi-shared and located in a “safe, comfortable environment.” The single survey respondent to date gave three stars for the accommodations, meals, and exercise and leisure opportunities.


A former client told of a “very genuine and very caring” program director as well as a “very nice” nurse who was very attentive and supportive. Despite her appreciation of the staff, the anonymous reviewer felt they didn’t receive the individual attention they so “desperately needed.” They also found the program affordable, clean, and strong in its inclusion of family members.

On Google, Mountain View Hospital has an average rating of 2.8 stars out of five from 56 individuals to date, though comments focused mostly on services outside the behavioral health department. Like the anonymous survey respondent, some Google reviewers found the staff here “wonderful and efficient and attentive.” Others, much in contrast, felt that staff “didn’t know what they were doing.”[1]


Mountain View Hospital accepts many private health insurance plans as well as Medicare and Medicaid.


Mountain View Hospital Behavioral Inpatient Health Reviews

  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • The Director of the Pavillion, he is amazing! In my opinion he is the ONLY reason that Program is worth going to! He is very genuine and very caring! At the time I was there they were very short staffed. There were only rwo Psychiatrists, neither one of them both were low graded! I felt like that I did NOT get the individual help that I desperately needed. What did help was a very nice Nurse, I can't remember her name, she worked the night shift, she did go out of her way to just to listen and talk to me which I greatly appreciated!