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Project Reality


Project Reality is a nonprofit organization that has been providing drug addiction treatment and prevention services since 1970. Two facilities, one each in Salt Lake City and Provo, Utah, offer treatments primarily for opioid abuse and dependency. The Salt Lake City program is located in a business neighborhood on the same block as the Utah Department of Workforce Services and also operates a drug testing laboratory on-site.


Walk-in and phone screenings are available for clients who want to begin participating in a Project Reality opioid use treatment program. Substance abuse is treated as a disease with biological, psychological, and social effects and to address these the facility provides mental health and addiction counseling in conjunction with medication-assisted therapy (MAT). MAT involves ongoing psychiatric and physical assessments, lab work, and medication dispensing and monitoring.

Integrated treatment programs incorporate evidence-based therapies designed to assist clients in achieving improved health and independent living. Methadone and Suboxone maintenance and detoxification services are all offered, along with individual, group, family, and couples counseling.

Project Reality’s prevention program focuses on supporting families that may be at risk for substance abuse and its related consequences and circumstances, including illegal activity. Classes for parents and children are scheduled during approximately two-month cycles and address topics such as management of emotions, problem solving, communication skills, and ways to reduce risk factors in communities.

Additional services offered include HIV testing and counseling, case management, and various community outreach activities.


Among the treatment team members listed on the facility’s website are Ph.D.-level psychologists, licensed substance abuse counselors, physicians, licensed practical and advanced practice nurses, registered pharmacists, and social workers.


While feedback from alumni for Project Reality is mixed, some former clients agreed on the strict and challenging nature of treatment. received a survey response from a single alum to date who wrote that the facility provided a “hard but fair program.” Asked to rate on a scale of one to five the effectiveness of treatment and the availability of counseling options, they awarded four-stars rating for each.

Reviews from secondary sources at the time of this writing expressed several differing opinions. Based on six ratings on Google to date, the facility has earned 3.8 out of five stars.[1] Several claimed that the facility saved their lives and thanked various staff for their aid. On the other hand, Sammie was the only Google reviewer to date to leave a negative comment. “Compared to other methadone treatment centers, this one SUCKS. The only perk is that they have county funding. Other than that, this place is a complete joke,” they wrote in a one-star review.

Additionally, three reviewers were split in their opinions of staff with one-, two-, and five-star ratings, based on five stars.[2] Two alleged mistreatment by staff while one described staff as “genuine.” They also wrote that staff “utilize their abilities to assist others in need.”


Project Reality receives funding from county governments and the United Way and is able to offer a sliding fee scale for services. Self-pay, private insurance, and Medicaid are accepted.



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A hard but fair program. Can't keep staff high turnover rate for jobs. They do work with you on your recovery process.