Aurora Psychiatric Hospital

Aurora Psychiatric Hospital


The Dewey Center at Aurora Psychiatric Hospital in Wauwatosa, just outside Milwaukee, Wis., provides residential and partial hospitalization programs (PHP) for adults and youth struggling with mental health and substance use disorders. Treatment is holistic, integrating evidence-based psychotherapy with spiritual and physical care. The facility also provides short-term inpatient care, detox, and an opiate recovery program. Affiliated Aurora outpatient clinics include the Milwaukee and Kenosha Behavioral Health Centers.


Clients can begin their treatment with Aurora Psychiatric Hospital through telephone-based triage services. Individuals needing stabilization for mental illness or addiction symptoms are admitted to the inpatient program. Longer-term treatment is provided through a 28-day residential program, a three-to-ten-day PHP (full days), or a one-month intensive outpatient program (IOP).

Personalized treatment plans can incorporate dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring substance use and depression, anxiety, or eating disorders. Motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) are combined with a community positive reinforcement approach for residential clients. Residents learn to address their struggles collaboratively and to build support networks. Clients in the specialized program for opioid dependency also receive medication-assisted treatment to help minimize the discomfort of withdrawal and curb cravings.

Along with recreational activities, clients can expect to participate in mindfulness exercises, yoga, and spiritual and nutritional guidance, while receiving medication management and psychiatric services.


The Aurora Psychiatric Hospital treatment team includes board-certified addiction psychiatrists, nurses, psychologists, and master’s-level therapists. Of the 16 individuals polled by to date, the five survey respondents polled on the matter tended to approve of the staff’s aptitude.

Staff Experience and Training: 3.8/5


The Dewey Center is a 30-room residential facility on Aurora Psychiatric Hospital’s 30-acre wooded campus. Expanded in July 2018 to include a fitness center and chapel, according to local ABC affiliate WISN, the center’s clinical, but comfortable setting is surrounded by landscaped gardens and walking trails. Pet therapy dogs regularly visit Aurora patients, and the facility has active alumni support groups.


Feedback received by to date for Aurora Psychiatric Hospital from eight former clients was split between positive and critical. The most repeated concerns expressed were the facility’s costs and lack of aftercare services. Strengths mentioned most frequently related to the staff and the program’s individualized treatment plans.

Alum Emily offered perfect five-star ratings for the facility’s family participation and its ability to treat co-occurring disorders. “I’ve been clean 4.5 years thanks to this program and my dedication to continuing in aftercare programs,” she wrote.

A mix of 33 alumni and loved ones contributed to an average rating of 3.6 out of five stars on Google.[1] Former clients mirrored high ratings on of the facility’s accommodations and setting. A majority of alumni comments represented staff as understanding, supportive, and committed to clients’ recovery; fewer than 10 percent disagreed. In a representative review, alum M.H. wrote: “The staff there made me feel human and not like a addict.”

Yet, around one-quarter of alumni comments concluded that the program was not helpful, one citing limited one-on-one therapy and another describing activities lacking in depth. Two alumni noted the program’s high cost, while nevertheless concluding it was worth it.

Of 11 total Yelp reviews (eight from alumni) for Aurora Psychiatric Hospital, three reported issues with the admissions process, and three perceived an over-reliance on medication in treatment. However, a majority of alumni shared positive reviews of accommodations and staff.[2] [3]


To date, has received feedback for this facility from six loved ones. Two of the more critical reviewers rated accommodations highly but cited concerns with treatment outcomes. While some loved ones were critical, individuals polled on the matters tended to praise the facility’s cleanliness, the level of family participation, and amount counseling options.

Cleanliness and Upkeep: 4.8/5
Family Participation: 4.4/5
Counseling Options: 4/5

“They did a great job, I don’t feel our son will fall back into that situation again,” one parent wrote.

Two of three friends and family reviewers on Yelp indicated the staff was unprofessional, while the third described Aurora Psychiatric Hospital as “beautiful” inside and out.


The two staff reviews received to date by were split between positive and negative. However, on Indeed, 14 reviewers rated Aurora Psychiatric Hospital 4.7 out of five stars on average, most frequently describing a supportive, cooperative environment committed to helping clients.[4]


Aurora Psychiatric Hospital accepts dozens of insurance plans and private pay, according to the agency’s website. The five individuals polled on the matter tended to approve of the facility’s cost. However, some survey respondents did cite issues with insurance policies.

Affordability: 4/5

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Aurora Psychiatric Hospital Reviews

Need signs and parking!!
I’ve attended the partial hospitalization program five times at Dewey, have done intensive outpatient therapy three times, and outpatient individual therapy three times. I’m still seeing my therapist there after three years clean and sober. The only reason I never did residential was because of my insurance denying me, and the staff fought hard to get me in, to no avail. I struggled a lot with authority and trying to do things my way, and it led to a lot of relapses, but my last treatment there I finally started trying the things suggested-I was willing to do anything to stop using heroin and alcohol. There is a variety of wellness activities offered during the day, and different support group meetings every evening on the grounds. The new building is amazing, and has its own cafeteria now with great food. If you’re willing to put in the work, the staff is there to help you every step of the way, from the doctors to the nurses to the techs.
Treatment EffectivenessMeals & NutritionTreatment was based upon my needs independent of a set treatment program that everyone needs to adapt to. Staff and the facility. The program administrators.
I have been sober for almost 3years now & these nurses treat me like I'm a junkie. Just trying to get in to see the doctor is nearly impossible and they NEVER answer the phones to help. Getting medication is a hassel because since you can't see the doctor on time you must send in a refill request. Then they lose them or it takes about a week to process. Then the head nurse will call you to blame you for not seeing the doctor on-time and make you pay twice. Really horrible. I would NEVER recommend it here which is a shame because there inpatient program is great
The facility is nice, but they were quick to kick me out for a psychotic nervous breakdown with absolutely no help in me into the right direction so that I could get help from somewhere else.