The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center – Birmingham

The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center – Birmingham


For over a century, the Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Centers (ARCs) have offered residential treatment services at no cost to adults struggling with chemical dependency. In Arizona, only four organizations offer free services. The Tucson, Ariz., location provides emotional, spiritual, and social assistance for both men and women. Onsite detox services are not available, but the center can arrange for detox through community partners prior to admission if needed.


The treatment program at The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center (SAARC) in Tucson is faith-based, focusing on Christian beliefs. All clients are required to participate in Christianity-influenced treatment methods, including worship services and mentorship, although individuals of any faith may take part. Treatment includes worship services, Bible study, and non-religious activities such as vocational training and work therapy.

Vocational training is provided through the organization’s work therapy program, which is only offered by 38.6% of treatment facilities in the U.S. Clients work in the Salvation Army’s Thrift Stores in various positions, gaining new job skills, engaging in productive activities during treatment, and supporting the program.

To be admitted into the Tucson ARC treatment program, individuals must pass a clean drug test and breathalyzer test. Treatment typically lasts over 90 days, making it one of Arizona’s 73 long-term treatment programs. Clients receive free housing, meals, and transportation between the facility and work.

The Tucson ARC’s faith-based treatment program emphasizes spiritual wholeness as essential for sustained recovery. Alongside spiritual activities such as worship services and Bible study, residents also participate in individual and group therapy sessions.

Equipping residents for self-sufficient living upon discharge, the Tucson ARC also emphasizes work as a key component of rehabilitation. All residents engage in various work therapy assignments as part of their treatment, and recreational activities are also incorporated into the program.


The SAARC staff includes counselors, group leaders, and administrative specialists who support the functioning of the stores. Many of the Salvation Army’s programs are run by volunteers, some of whom serve as mentors to other participants in the program. The only surveyed alum to date rated the staff’s level of experience and training as four out of five stars.


There is currently no information available regarding the facility’s living arrangements and related offerings. However, the only surveyed alum to date rated the facility’s overall cleanliness and upkeep as four stars.


The only surveyed alum to date provided positive feedback regarding the facility. They gave four or more stars for staff support, respect shown to clients, conflict resolution, and the effectiveness of group counseling. The alum attested that although the facility may not resemble a “Country Club” style rehab center, it provides tools for a drug-free life.

On Google reviews, Salvation Army Tucson received a five-star average rating from five reviewers to date.[1] Three out of five reviews mentioned that the program was life-changing or life-saving.


While no feedback is available from loved ones to date, a reviewer on Google stated, “This place saved my brother’s life. Now he works there. Thank you.!!”


On Indeed, the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center received an average rating of 3.8 out of five stars from 101 reviewers to date.[2] While some employees mentioned low pay and limited advancement opportunities, most described it as a great place to work.


Residential treatment at the Tucson ARC is provided free of charge, supported by donations and proceeds from the thrift stores.


The Salvation Army continuously provides support to individuals in need through various programs, often focusing on disenfranchised communities. The organization offers assistance with school supplies and meals for children, while also raising awareness about the challenges faced by individuals with limited resources.

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The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center – Birmingham Reviews

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  • It was free program and they were able to admit me in a very short period of time. It isn't the the "Country Club" style rehab centers but it is free and they do give you the tools to leave drug free...if you want it. It is a very hard program but for me was well worth it. I even stayed for an additional 6 months after actually completing the program while I found work and saved money to move out on my own.