ADATC – Pearson Hall

ADATC – Pearson Hall


Pearson Hall, named for celebrated Alabama judge J. Richmond Pearson, is one of three treatment centers operated by Birmingham’s Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Centers (ADATC). From a quiet street on the outskirts of Birmingham, Ala., the center offers medically supervised detox for the indigent community and short-term crisis stabilization/residential care for adult men and women who are struggling with substance abuse. It is one of only 11 facilities across the state to offer detox services.


The facility offers a traditional program, including individual, group, and family counseling. During the day, there are also educational lectures and film screenings. In its admissions process, ADATC prioritizes pregnant IV drug and substance users and IV users. The facility’s website indicates that psychiatric services are available, but does not indicate whether this is on a referral basis, or on-site.

To promote total wellness, clients are enrolled in nutritional and fitness programs to improve recovery. ADATC also stresses the importance of family involvement. Pearson Hall can arrange assistance with childcare for parents in need of detox. A family program is also available to help family members with any issues during the recovery process. It includes individual counseling, informational lectures, films, and group meetings.

The facility also offers support through an aftercare program, which offers weekly group sessions. Clients are encouraged to participate in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings. Family members are also encouraged to attend these meetings to assist alumni in maintaining their sobriety.


The facility’s website notes that services are provided by “medical and counseling staff,” but does not list credentials. According to its website, however, ADATC is certified by the Alabama Department of Mental Health-Mental Retardation. Across the state, 91.2 percent of facilities are licensed, accredited, or certified .


Photographs published on the facility’s website show sparse common areas and simple, shared bedrooms with twin beds.


Of the five reviews received by at the time of this writing, three were positive and two were negative. Two alumni praised the food and nutrition offered by the center. Negative reviewers complained that the center was located in a bad neighborhood.

On Facebook, the facility earned four out of five stars from four reviews to date.[1] A number of reviewers were grateful to the staff and credited it with their long-term recovery.


The three reviews from loved ones were more positive. Of the three reviews received at the time of this writing, two were positive and one was mixed. Each of the three reviewers gave the facility four out of five stars or higher for its family program, holistic options, and overall treatment effectiveness.

Praise was awarded to the hands-on approach to treating clients and the facility’s cleanliness. Yet one loved one echoed an alum by writing: “It needs to be in a different neighborhood.” Another added: “Some of the treatments are not what I think they should’ve been,” though they did not give further details.


The facility’s website indicates that the company accepts insurance, but does not specify which plans. Information listed for the Zukoski Center, an associated treatment facility run by the same organization, indicates that that center accepts Medicaid and charges on a sliding fee scale based on the client’s income and expenses. The Zukoski Center’s website also indicates that no one is denied services on the basis of their inability to pay.


ADATC – Pearson Hall Reviews

My wife got admitted yesterday or almost admitted I should say and somebody somewhere failed to mention a key piece of information to us and her name was Renee she was extremely rude unprofessional and had the audacity to look me in the face and say I wasted her time so it’s the next morning now my wife Carls and Renee must be hallucinating because she said the medicine was supposed to be filled last night and I was supposed to be down here in the morning none of that was said mama Wife had voluntarily asked for treatment and these people at this place that I met i’ve got way more problems than any drug attic I’ve ever seen even though I did not stay at the treatment center nor did my wife I can tail rat now that these people don’t care who’s clean or not are they care about I guess he’s getting paid with that being said I hope this gets read by Renee and I hope it offends her exactly how she offended my wife by talking to her like a dog on the phone this morning might not make a better difference in the world but I think these people Renee especially should get a taste of her own medicine she’s unprofessional Road and needs to be fired and should not be dealing with people going through mental problems or drug addiction it may be my opinion but when somebody’s a complete asshole to a complete stranger I don’t take a genius to figure out there’s a problem somewhere so I would say this would be the worst treatment center a human being could put their self through now that’s my opinion take it for what it’s worth but you don’t get a hug when you get there especially if you’re white so if you’re thinking about going I would check everywhere else you could anybody who don’t like what Is being said here has not had a great experience of meeting these people scratch that I can’t say these people I mean Renee Rude Unprofessional Anna complete misery to be around goodbye I hope I never cross paths with you again ever
Cleanliness, proper care - when I walked in it was clean like a hospital. but some of the treatments are not what I think they should've been
This place is in the middle of Fairfield between miles college and Westlake mall which is a terrible neighborhood. Most of the staff are pretty bias...If you ask them for something they act like you've ruined they're day. Also, it's government funded and a lot of the patients come because it was here or jail. The food was good and I would say it's better than jail but don't come here if you have a choice. Bottom line it's a government "business""