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Residents often refer to Sozo Recovery Center as a “spiritual retreat” rather than a rehab for drug and alcohol addiction. That’s because the facility offers a unique and highly effective Christian recovery experience, one that’s coupled with the 12-step principles of Alcoholics Anonymous and offers compassionate, individualized care. After treatment, clients leave with a solid foundation for long-term sobriety, as well as a positive attitude toward themselves, those around them, and life in general.


Located outside of the community of Jessieville, Ark., surrounded by the forests and natural beauty of Hot Springs National Park, SOZO Recovery Centers, Inc. is a faith-based, long-term recovery center for adult males struggling with chemical dependency. SOZO is one of 44 percent of facilities nationwide to specifically treat adult male clients (page 22).

The center also offers a less-intensive, on-site outpatient program with transitional living, for alumni of the residential program. Medical detox is not available on-site. Sozo accepts a mix of self-referred and court-referred clients.


SOZO’s faith-based treatment program blends the 12-step model of recovery with Christian principles. The initial residential phase of treatment — which the facility describes as a mentoring period — lasts between two and three months. During this residential phase of treatment, clients adhere to a rigorous 63-hour schedule of weekly programming, which includes individual and group counseling and addiction studies alongside Bible study and church classes.

As part of a treatment program based on 12-step participation, clients also regularly attend on- and off-site 12-step meetings, study fellowship literature (Big Book), perform associated “step-work,” and gain a sponsor. Clients also regularly attend worship services and volunteer in the community. The program avoids lectures in favor of group-based therapy.

After the initial, closely monitored phase of residential treatment, clients transition from residential to the “transitional living” program, during which they remain on campus and continue to participate in mentoring. During the transitional program, clients must attend at least 15 to 17 hours of weekly treatment programming and participate in recovery- and faith-based activities. Many clients find and maintain jobs during this phase of treatment. The average length of stay in the outpatient program is four months.


No information about staff at SOZO is available, though the staff’s approach to recovery received praise from the two individuals polled by to date.


According to its website, SOZO hosts 15 clients maximum. Clients do not share a home with more than six peers at a time. On campus, there is a patio on the banks of a stream, a goldfish pond, and an outdoor pool. The facility hosts an annual golf tournament.


The sole alum polled by to date wrote a positive review of SOZO, leaving no ratings. Alum Keith wrote: “Having been an inpatient at many ‘treatment centers’ I can verify the ‘RECOVERY’ that takes place in the SOZO system is the perfect blend of Faith-based and 12 step recovery.”

At the time of this writing, SOZO received ten perfect five-star ratings on Facebook, where the facility can manage its own page.[1] The reviewers repeatedly expressed their gratitude for the staff and the treatment they received at SOZO. “I am now one year sober thanks to SOZO Recovery Centers, Inc. I cannot begin to explain, nor describe, how wonderful, committed, supportive, helpful, generous, and kind the administration was!” alum T.D.A. wrote in a representative review.


One loved one polled by to date rated SOZO a perfect five stars in treatment effectiveness. Loved one Dan wrote: “The results I’ve witnessed first hand are outstanding. I feel SOZO Recovery Centers has hit upon the ultimate blend of spiritual and practical treatment that is tremendously effective.”


The facility’s website notes that some clients cannot afford to pay for treatment. As such, the cost of running the program is subsidized by funding from individuals, private business, community partners, and local churches. It’s not clear from the facility’s website whether any clients pay for their own care, and if so, how much.


Reviews about SOZO Recovery Centers, Inc.

SOZO Recovery Center in Jessieville, AR is what I consider the leading edge of todays recovery movement. Having been an inpatient at many "treatment centers" I can verify the "RECOVERY" that takes place in the SOZO system is the perfect blend of Faith-based and 12 step recovery. Individualization is key and the experience and interaction with Village Church of Christ is outstanding. I only could pray that every individual with any type of addiction could be involved with this life-changing process.
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  • I have two family members who have benefitted from the treatment SOZO Recovery Centers provides. I have experience with other treatment facilities, one probably rated as the country's best treatment. The results I've witnessed first hand are outstanding. I feel SOZO Recovery Centers has hit upon the ultimate blend of spiritual and practical treatment that is tremendously effective.