Baker Places – Acceptance Place

Baker Places – Acceptance Place


Located in San Francisco, California, Baker Places operates with the mission of providing assistance to individuals living with HIV/AIDS and co-occurring disorders. Acceptance Place is a residential program specifically designed for gay and bisexual men and is one of the 24.8% of facilities in California that offer specialized treatment programs for the LGBT community.


The transitional residential treatment program typically runs for 60 days, but services can extend up to 90 days based on the individual clinical needs of the clients. The treatment at Baker Places follows a highly structured approach, including day treatment services and group meetings.

Through group sessions, clients have the opportunity to explore and test relationships within a safe and secure environment. These sessions focus on developing healthy relationship skills and identifying early signs of unhealthy relationships. Clients are also assigned tasks to reinforce individual responsibility.

The treatment program is grounded in the social rehab model and incorporates at least 20 hours of on-site groups that emphasize independent living skills and the development of community support systems.

Residents progress through a three-tiered phase system that gradually increases their involvement in community activities, facilitating their reintegration into society.


The staff at Baker Places consists of certified legal experts, counselors, and medical professionals including nurses. The facility also engages volunteers to assist with non-critical services and community-focused activities. A single survey respondent, who was a loved one, rated the amount of staff support with three out of five stars.


In the residential program, residents are responsible for household tasks such as cleaning, meal planning, and cooking. A single respondent on gave three out of five stars for the facility’s accommodations and amenities.


The lone respondent on expressed neutrality in their review of Acceptance Place, but did indicate that they would recommend Baker Places. They attributed three out of five stars to the amount of family involvement, counseling options, and holistic offerings.


As of the time of this writing, has not received any reviews from staff members of this facility. However, on Glassdoor, ten employees or former staff members gave an average rating of 2.1 out of five stars. Only one individual explicitly recommended working at Baker Places, while the others cited unethical and incompetent staff as well as low pay as reasons for not recommending the treatment center.

On Indeed, Baker Places, Inc. had a rating of 3.3 out of five stars based on nine reviews. Some former employees mentioned low salaries, while others expressed appreciation for the fast-paced work environment and caring staff and clients.


Baker Places provides various financial assistance programs to support clients in affording treatment. These programs include emergency financial assistance, eviction prevention, and health insurance premium payment to help with bills, housing, and healthcare expenses.

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