Branches Recovery Center

Branches Recovery Center Corona California

Branches Recovery Center Overview

Branches Recovery Center is a family-owned detox residential treatment center that is Christian-friendly. As a faith-based recovery center, we offer our clients the opportunity to participate in Church programs and bible studies, along with a wide variety of group therapies. We believe in treating every client like a family member to promote open communication and trust, which helps them develop strong relationships. Our goal is to offer support that will help the entire family heal from the devastating effects of substance abuse and addiction.

About Branches Recovery Center

Located in Corona, California, Branches Recovery Center is a family-owned, faith-based recovery center. We provide residential treatment and detox, which is offered by only about 14 percent of all treatment centers in California.

Treatment and Assessment

During treatment at Branches Recovery Center, clients not only participate in recovery treatment such as group therapies, but also become involved in church programs and Bible studies. Our programming includes disease model education classes, workshops on relapse prevention and anger management, as well as meditation and spiritual growth workshops. We also offer physical fitness and recreational activities, 12-step support and guidance, and individual, group, and family counseling.

Staff Credentials

Branches Recovery Center’s treatment team consists of therapists and counselors who are dedicated to helping clients in their recovery journey.

Accommodations and Amenities

Photos on our website showcase the amenities of Branches Recovery Center, such as a swimming pool, pool table, dining room, music equipment, and workout equipment. According to an alum who provided feedback to, the accommodations and amenities offered deserve five out of five stars.


Positive feedback has been received from alumni of Branches Recovery Center. One alum praised the treatment effectiveness, meals and nutrition, as well as the caring staff. Another alum referred to the center as amazing and highlighted the educated and loving attitude of the staff. Secondary sites also contain positive reviews, with five out of five stars given on Google Reviews. Reviews mention the beautiful environment, the center’s effectiveness, and the caring staff.


Currently, there is no information available regarding the cost of treatment at Branches Recovery Center.

Branches Recovery Center Reviews

If you are struggling with addiction this place is amazing it offers a wide variety of groups and therapy to treat the disease of addiction. The staff is very educated and loving they treat you like family. I love the fact that it is faith based and will help you with not only overcoming your addiction but also building your relationship with God. Can't say enough about this place, if you nor someone you know is struggling with addiction, check this place out! It's second to none!
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • If your ready to end the life of addiction and move on to reunification with life on life's terms , if your ready to cruelly be happy within your own skin, if your ready to treat this disease with the help of people that really really care , this is the place for you . Branches recovery Center is ready to take care of you to help you through this hard time the staff really cares. The house is beautiful with lots of things to keep you busy I could not recommend any other place how much as I can recommend this place give it a shot I have seven years clean now and I enjoy life everything I lost has come back double I highly recommend it good luck and God bless