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Regis University


Located in Colorado Springs, Colo., Regis University provides an on-campus, outpatient-based harm reduction treatment program for students who may be struggling with substance abuse concerns or chemical dependency. The treatment program is held through the university’s Counseling and Personal Development Department.


In most cases, the treatment program is mandatory for students who violate the university’s substance abuse policy. A violation may involve criminal charges or a university citation for a variety of offenses, such as underage drinking, public intoxication, drug possession, or DUI. Before beginning the treatment program, students first participate in an initial substance abuse assessment and educational consultation with staff.

If an individual’s assessment indicates serious issues with substance abuse or repeat offenses, the student may be referred to a community-based treatment facility. The length of treatment participation may vary, depending on the seriousness of the offense and the student’s substance abuse history. Individuals who are referred to off-campus treatment facilities are required to verify that they’ve received an assessment and a psycho-education curriculum from the facility that satisfies the university’s requirements.

According to the facility’s website, treatment is designed to help students “make less-risky choices in their substance use or to abstain from using altogether.” Regis University’s treatment program includes a regular schedule of one-on-one counseling sessions with a university mental health professional.

Through these counseling sessions, students complete a series of questionnaires, study educational information related to substance use, explore ways to improve their decision-making, and develop a behavioral strategy to decrease their risk for substance abuse-related problems in the future. These individual counseling sessions may also be designed to help students identify underlying issues that may contribute to substance abuse and other risky behaviors.

In addition to individual counseling sessions, students also attend educational workshops and classes that address a range of topics. Educational workshops may focus on the physical, social, academic, and psychological consequences of substance abuse. To help promote peer support and open communication, group counseling sessions may also be incorporated into programming.


According to the university’s website, counseling sessions are facilitated by a mental health professional employed by Regis University. The sole program alum polled by to date offered a perfect five out of five-star rating for the staff’s level of experience and training.


The one facility alum polled by appreciated most aspects of the on-campus treatment program, offering a perfect five-star rating for the facility’s lead counselor, as well as four-star ratings for its group sessions, the respect shown to students, and for the frequency of treatment sessions. “It was a good experience, helped me change my life and gave me the tools to continue that change,” the anonymous alum wrote.


There is currently no information provided on the facility’s website regarding its costs. However, the Harm Reduction program may be a service of the university, which is included in the price of tuition.

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  • Treatment Effectiveness
It was a good experience, helped me change my life and gave me the tools to continue that change.