Breakthrough Recovery Services Inc

Breakthrough Recovery Services Inc


Serving South Florida for over 17 years, Breakthrough Recovery Services, Inc. provides traditional outpatient-based programs and services for adults struggling with chemical dependency. Through its four locations in Okeechobee, Fort Pierce, Sebastian, and Vero Beach, Breakthrough Recovery Services also provides treatment services that satisfy court-ordered treatments for offenses related to DUI, drug possession, and anger management.


Upon admission into the program, clients participate in an initial assessment to determine client needs and identify any court-mandated requirements. Depending on the assessment, clinicians form an individualized treatment plan.

Breakthrough Recovery Services’ treatment for chemical dependency is a blend of group counseling and educational classes held four times a year. Experiential therapies offered include equine therapy, yoga, massage therapy, holistic therapy, and life coaching.

A major service of Breakthrough Recovery Services is its Alternative Sentencing Assistance Program (ASAP), a drug court and probation-approved program that provides an alternative to incarceration for drug possession, DUI, and other substance abuse-related charge.

Once a client completes a traditional or court-ordered outpatient program, the facility offers an aftercare program that provides ongoing support with a focus on relapse prevention.


According to the facility’s website, staff at Breakthrough Recovery Services are “experienced” and “professional,” however, no specific credentials are mentioned at the time of this writing. The single alum surveyed by rated the staff’s level of experience and training four out of five stars.


The sole alum polled by at the time of this writing provided mixed opinions concerning the facility. Although the alum felt the facility excelled in some areas, such as flexible payment options, they also felt the facility’s program was too tailored for relapse prevention and didn’t focus on the roots of addiction.

Out of five stars, the alum gave a four-star rating for the program’s level of family participation, though offered two-star ratings for the facility’s counseling options and cost-worthiness. “Not enough in depth treatment…” the alum wrote, adding, “I would say this is more for relapse prevention or ongoing treatment. I would not recommend this for serious addicts.”

Secondary sources revealed polarized, ableit limited, alumni opinions of the facility. On the facility’s Facebook page, which Breakthrough Recovery Services is able to manage, one of the two individuals who reviewed the facility gave it a perfect five-star rating, while the other reviewer submitted a poor one-star rating.[1] The unsatisfied alum, Bernie, wrote: “Staff gives clients hard time over minuscule things..I dont feel like they are there to help people at all…”


At the time of this writing, no information is available on the facility’s website regarding payment options, however, HealthGrove indicates the facility accepts state insurance (not Medicaid) and Access to Recovery vouchers.

A single alum surveyed by also suggested that the facility provides a sliding fee scale for under-insured or uninsured clientele.


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This was an outpatient service.. The did work with me regarding payment on a sliding scale. Not enough in depth treatment. I used after completing my time here. They didn't work with me to get to the root of why I used and address it. This is outpatient. They did not accept insurance when I was there. However, they did work on a sliding scale. I would say this is more for relapse prevention or ongoing treatment. I would not recommend this for serious addicts.