Fresh Start Ministries

Fresh Start Ministries


Located in Orlando, Fla. and founded in 1986, Fresh Start Ministries is a faith-based, long-term residential program designed to treat men struggling with chemical dependency. The facility also operates transitional housing for program alumni. While the facility does provide intervention services for families, the nonprofit organization does not offer on-site detoxification services.


Before admission, clients participate in an initial phone call followed by a face-to-face interview. As a faith-based program, Fresh Start Ministries’ blends evidence-based treatment methods and 12-step immersion with Christian principles and values. During treatment, clients may participate in spiritual counseling, devotionals, Bible study sessions, and worship services.

During the year-long residential program, residents progress through four stages. During Phase 1, Fresh Start Ministries provides education on chemical dependency, as well as strategies for trigger avoidance and relapse prevention. Phase 2 focuses on individualizing treatment and addresses specific issues that may be relevant to the client, such as anger management, repairing relationships, improving communication, and self-esteem. Phase 3 is designed to deepen the client’s spiritual base, while Phase 4 focuses on aftercare planning.

Unique to Fresh Start Ministries’ residential program, clients continue their current employment and support their families. Residents are allowed to work during the day while adhering to a daily 6 p.m. curfew. Once the resident returns to the facility, the client participates in nightly 12-step meetings, educational classes, counseling sessions, and Bible study sessions. To ensure accountability, residents are subject to regular toxicology testing.

To support family members, Fresh Start Ministries regularly holds family counseling sessions for loved ones, as well as weekly family support groups. As a condition of the program, spouses or significant others are required to attend counseling sessions each Tuesday night. Upon program completion, Fresh Start Ministries encourages clients to attend weekly aftercare groups for one year. In addition, the facility operates transitional housing for program alumni, which is located within a mile of the primary facility.


Under the direction of a program director, Fresh Start Ministries employs a team of counselors experienced in the process of recovery.


While information is limited concerning the accommodations and amenities of the facility, images sources from the facility’s website indicated that residents share simple, double-occupancy bedrooms. While personal computers are not allowed, residents are allowed to bring cell phones to be used during designated times.


While has yet to receive any alumni feedback to date, secondary sources revealed generally positive opinions of the facility. On Google reviews, 13 individuals gave the facility an average rating of 3.8 out of five stars. Many credited the faith-based approach for the effectiveness of the program. “This facility has changed my life for the better and continues to do so to this day,” Arnie, a representative reviewer, wrote; however, some reviewers did question perceived financial-driven motives.


The sole loved one polled by at the time of this writing was moderately critical of the facility. While the survey respondent admitted they’d recommend the facility, describing it as a “good program,” they also provided low ratings for many components of the facility. Out of five stars, the survey respondent gave two-star ratings for the treatment staff’s level of experience and training, the facility’s counseling options, and discharge planning.


The admission fee to enroll into Fresh Start Ministries is $300. The facility then costs $175 per week, but does not accept private insurance.

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  • Excersizes. Clean. This was a good program and would re amend treatment.