Morton Plant North Bay Hospital Recovery Center

Morton Plant North Bay Hospital Recovery Center


Part of Tampa Bay’s BayCare Medical Group, Morton Plant North Bay Hospital Recovery Center in Lutz, Fla., provides a variety of treatment services for individuals struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders. Programs range from intervention to aftercare and serve both adults and adolescents. Additional services, including vocational assistance, HIV/AIDS education and counseling, and Veteran support services, are also offered on-site.


Clients who require medical attention for withdrawal symptoms typically begin their treatment with detox services. Once stabilized, they may transition to residential treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, or standard outpatient care. Clients who complete one of the center’s programs have the option to enroll in aftercare.

According to the organization’s website, programming utilizes the 12-Steps and puts an emphasis on group counseling. Clients also receive individual counseling, case management, and psychiatric care for any co-occurring mental health conditions. Family involvement is encouraged, and educational workshops and parenting classes are also available.


According to the center’s website, the multidisciplinary treatment team includes board-certified psychiatrists, nurses, case managers, a recreational therapist, and a nutritionist.


According to the center’s website, its 72-bed inpatient facility is located in a “tranquil” and “picturesque” area of the six-acre campus. Few details regarding accommodations are available, but clients can expect a standard hospital setting. Meals are overseen by a staff nutritionist, and all clients have access to an on-site gym and recreational therapy.


The two alumni polled by noted that, based on their personal experiences, they would not recommend this facility to others. Both reviewers specifically commented on the “SCALDING,” non-adjustable showers. One anonymous alum described the staff as “jailers” with “nasty attitudes.” “I lived thru it,” another anonymous reviewer wrote.

Alumni reviews submitted to third-party sites were also predominantly negative. Marianna, the one Google reviewer who identified herself as an alum, gave the facility just one out of five stars.[1] She described her treatment as “vile” and the staff as “completely void of any empathy.” Melissa and Sarah, the two alumni reviewers on, also submitted only one out of five stars for their experiences.[2] They both characterized the center as disorganized and the staff as rude and ineffective. “I also heard staff members complaining about their job right in front of the patients,” Melissa wrote. Sarah, who reported seeing a psychiatrist for only two five-minute sessions over the course of five days, described the facility as “INHUMANE.” “I was forced to wear the same outfit for my entire 5 day stay,” she wrote.

WHAT FRIENDS & FAMILY SAY has not yet received any reviews from this facility’s affiliated friends or family members, but reviews submitted to third-party sites are mixed. While some friends and family members were pleased with the staff and their loved ones’ results, others reported problems including medication mismanagement, interactions with rude staff, and a lack of attention to patients’ hygiene.

Carlos and Lisa, both Google users, were among those who were satisfied with their loved ones’ care. Lisa described her experience as “better than (she) expected,” and Carlos described his child’s doctor as “highly qualified.” However, Lisa, also a Google reviewer, expressed frustration over a lack of communication from the staff. “My loved one has been there for over a week and it’s like pulling teeth trying to get anything accomplished… no one ever calls back,” she wrote. Amber, also a one-star Google reviewer, reported problems regarding her son’s medications. “(The doctor) took him off all bipolar meds… Day 2 they gave him the wrong meds. My son cried on our visit cause he felt sick and light headed,” she wrote. On, Debbie also reported a negative experience regarding her son’s psychiatric care. “Since his time there he has said that they did not treat him like a sick person, they treated him like a prisoner. He was also misdiagnosed,” she wrote.


According to the facility’s website, some financial assistance is available to qualifying individuals. Additionally, the center accepts Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance from most major companies, including Aetna, Humana, and Cigna Behavioral Health.


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  • lock down is very secure shower was SCALDING and not adjustable. patients herded like criminals to/from meals. Nasty attitudes from "jailers" it was HELL.
    • Accommodations & Amenities
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    security, there is No escape. showers TOO hot, not adjustable. I lived thru it.