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Life of Purpose believes that individuals suffering from addiction shouldn’t have to choose between recovery and education. The rehab challenges the conventional wisdom that people in early recovery should wait to pursue their education, and follows a treatment model that offers real-world exposure in addition to comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Young adults learn essential life skills, practice key recovery principles and are given the opportunity to attend classes while in the facility’s clinical continuum of care.


Set in sunny Boca Raton, Fla., (with other locations in Texas and Tennessee) Life of Purpose is an academically-focused, residential drug and alcohol treatment facility for students, including high school students and graduates, undergraduates, aspiring trade workers, and postgraduates. The facility, set on the Florida Atlantic University (FAU) campus, is the only substance abuse treatment facility in the country that is located on a university campus and specializes in treating young adults whose education has been disrupted by their substance abuse.

The facility offers a four-level treatment model that includes primary and intensive outpatient treatment (IOP), academically-focused aftercare, and recovery housing.


The Life of Purpose program begins with primary treatment, which typically lasts for 60 days. During this time, clients are permitted to attend classes while also participating in recovery-based activities at FAU’s campus. The treatment schedule includes a minimum of 25 clinical hours per week and utilizes evidenced-based therapeutic modalities. Clients participate in group and individual therapy, adventure-based outings, and 12-step groups.

Once Primary Care is completed, clients can transition into the 60-day IOP. The program offers a minimum of nine clinical hours of treatment a week, with clients attending group sessions three evenings a week while continuing with individual therapy, case management, and at least seven hours of group therapy per week. Relapse prevention is one of the primary goals of the IOP, and treatment is highly focused on helping clients adopt the coping skills necessary to be successful in real-world recovery.

Clients in the IOP also begin to participate in Life of Purpose’s Academically Focused Aftercare Program™, which provides support as clients learn to juggle their classroom hours with their weekly IOP treatment schedule. During the last 30 days of IOP, clients fully transition to the aftercare program, which consists of two hours of individual therapy and one group therapy session a week.


The treatment team includes licensed clinical social workers, academically focused case managers, licensed mental health professionals, certified addiction professionals, registered nurses, a psychiatric nurse practitioner, and a certified alcohol and drug counselor.


Primary care clients reside in gender-specific, dorm-like facilities with 24-hour, on-site supervision.

Life of Purpose also provides a long-term transitional living residence for men, that’s designed to be conducive to recovery as well as academically supportive. There is a live-in recovery residence manager, as well as a full-time academic case manager who is at the residence Monday through Friday. Additionally, behavioral health technicians are on hand to offer individualized support, such as offering transportation to Life of Purpose’s outpatient programs.


Five alumni polled by to date offered mostly positive reviews. Of the four who left ratings, three rated Life of Purpose four or five out of five stars in treatment effectiveness, accommodations and amenities, and meals and nutrition, while the fourth rated the facility only two, four, and two stars in those same categories, respectively. Alum L.T., polled on a further 12 categories, rated the facility four stars in holistic treatment offerings and cleanliness but only two stars in 12-step treatment, faith-based care, and treatment of co-occurring disorders.

In feedback, alumni J.H. and B. praised the facility for its coupling of academic education with clinical treatment, with alum J.H. writing: “Young people who go through the program are set up for success and do well.”

However, alumni J.T. and J. felt the academic portion of the program was stronger than the clinical. Alum J. wrote: “Clinically they are a mess, the group therapy was not beneficial to me. I found getting back into school very helpful to my recovery.” A fifth alum, although leaving no ratings, wrote negative feedback for Life of Purpose, criticizing the facility for its authoritarian management style.

On secondary sites, Life of Purpose received overwhelmingly positive responses to date. On the facility’s Facebook page (which may be curated), 61 reviewers rated the facility an average 4.8 out of five stars, with 58 positive reviews, one mixed, and two negative.[1] On, four reviewers rated the facility one, five, five, and four out of five stars,[2] and on Google, 16 reviewers rated the facility an average 3.8 out of five stars, with five negative reviews and 11 a perfect five stars.[3] Alumni mostly praised the staff’s compassionate care and opportunities for educational advancement in their feedback.

WHAT FRIENDS & FAMILY SAY currently has no reviews from loved ones of Life of Purpose to date. On secondary sites to date, loved ones left mostly positive reviews echoing alumni feedback, though one loved one on criticized Life of Purpose’s high costs.

WHAT STAFF SAY currently has no reviews from Life of Purpose staff to date, but on secondary sites current and former employees were mostly positive, echoing alumni sentiments. One employee rated the facility a perfect five stars on Glassdoor, writing: “We don’t take no for an answer and aren’t afraid to deviate from the norm. The clients (or students as we call them) have become my friends as well.”[4]


According to its website, Life of Purpose accepts most major medical plans.


Reviews about Life of Purpose

  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • My Son, who is 20 years old received a referral from a residential treatment facility in Palm Beach (Futures of Palm Beach) to transition to Life of Purposes PHP program and then the after-care program. We chose Life of Purpose because of the college program that was an integral part of the recovery, and we couldn't be happier with that decision. Everyone at Life of Purpose went out of their way to make sure Will felt welcomed and was comfortable during his treatment program. They maintained contact with me (as the parent) to let me know that he was doing fine, and what he might need. I would like to give special recognition to his counselor and to th administration who was always very helpful and understanding. My Son really enjoyed and got a lot out of his counseling sessions with his counselor. He has been able to stay sober and will be attending college full time starting in the Fall of 2018. I highly recommend LIfe of Purpose for thier education based recovery programs.. It was perfect for our family.
    It is truly painful for me to write this review, but I am doing this for the future families who are considering sending their loved ones here. The only positive thing I can say about their program is they do not commit rampant insurance fraud. All their good clinicians have been run off and you left with a hodgepodge of mix matched pieces. All their problems stem from their CEO. No one can work with him for long. Always clashing with their most productive employees. If you don’t conform to his worldview of the treatment model, you are toast. Everyone walks on eggshells trying to appease him, giving up their dignity in the process. All their referrals have dried up and their entire business model relies on you staying in their “system” for PHP, IOP, aftercare, halfway house, and then relapse and do it again. Their outreach people are too busy making speeches and attending recovery conferences to get new clients. People in the industry don’t want to work with them anymore. They are reliant upon you relapsing at this point. Upper management is filled with unpleasant, arrogant people. The Director of Operations at an academically focused treatment center has a GED and is only in power due to her relationship with the CEO. The company is known for their “blurred boundaries.” Therapists, owner, techs are friends on social media with the clients. Everyone knows each other’s business. Best way to say it is incestuous. To further illustrate the disposition of the CEO, a former client was offered a job as a tech but declined due to being happy at another facility. The CEO, unable to accept rejection, proceeded to ban him from receiving any more services from the facility, stopped him from sponsoring any current clients, and told him that he would call the cops if he came back around. They are a shell of their former self. All the above, as well as rapid expansion to other states, has thinned the company’s resources to where they find themselves on the brink of collapse. As a result of their declining census, they are more desperate than ever. They will get every dime out of your insurance. Please be advised before coming to this facility.
    • Accommodations & Amenities
    • Meals & Nutrition
    located near colleges on the area and works with people to continue their education while in treatment A weakness was the young staff This is best suited for young students who want to continue their education.
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • Life of Purpose is an amazing place where education and recovery are coupled. When I went to treatment, Life of Purpose did not yet exist. All of my therapists and the treatment centers that I went to for inpatient and outpatient recommended against me going back to school. I had to start my online classes late because the rehab that I was at refused to let me do any work for them. I did extremely well and stayed sober and went to a collegiate recovery community but did not have any help from the treatment team I was paying. At Life of Purpose I see the opposite. Young people who go through the program are set up for success and do well. I have seen many people go through this program, stay sober, and then graduate college. It is the best treatment option for emerging adults, there is no doubt about that.
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • LOP was amazing down to a T! I love all the staff that I could back to finally after five years, and they kept me involved in activities physically and mentally every week too. This place has just truly changed my life for the better. I know they just care so much too and that is so refreshing!