CHAMP Clinic

CHAMP Clinic


The Comprehensive Health and Attitude Management Program (CHAMP) Clinic, located in Honolulu, Hawaii, provides outpatient treatment for adults struggling with opiate addiction. The facility strives to help its clients achieve long-term sobriety and eventually reintegrate into the local community. The organization offers similar programming through a second clinic located in Maui.


Individuals seeking treatment first participate in a free assessment via phone to determine if CHAMP Clinic is the most appropriate program for their needs. Those who choose to enroll may undergo monitored detox, a gradual process that is conducted under close supervision of program staff. Once stabilized, clients typically begin methadone maintenance, which may be administered on a short- or long-term basis, depending on each client’s condition and goals.

In addition to methadone dosing, clients receive individual counseling, guidance on vocational planning, and case management. According to CHAMP Clinic’s website, all counselors have an open door policy, which allows clients to access support during scheduled times and as needed.


According to its website, CHAMP Clinic employs substance abuse counselors and a nursing staff.


When asked how likely he was to recommend the facility to others, Ruben, the sole alum polled by at the time of this writing, provided a rating of four out of five stars. He also gave four-star ratings for the staff’s level of training and experience, the center’s counseling options, and the program’s affordability. He mentioned that counseling was “always available,” but gave a slightly lower rating of three stars to the program’s treatment effectiveness. When asked about the center’s weaknesses, he noted “too many negative clientele.”

Stas and Eric, the two reviewers on Google at the time of this writing, both provided ratings of five out of five stars.[1] Stas indicated that the center was sometimes disorganized, but that the facility operated with the best of intentions. “They have sense to do right by people,” Stas wrote.

The two individuals who submitted reviews to the CHAMP Clinic’s unofficial Facebook page provided slightly lower ratings of two and three stars, based on a scale of one to five stars.[2] Darrick was critical of the facility in his review commentary, noting unclean conditions and long wait times. “Can take hours to get dose, dirty. Take 3 months to get take home for week no one has talked to me since started. JOKE,” he wrote.


According to its website, CHAMP Clinic offers self-pay options and accepts private insurance. Some services are sponsored by charitable organizations.


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