Teen Challenge of Peoria Redemption Center

Teen Challenge of Peoria Redemption Center


Teen Challenge of Peoria Redemption Center is, somewhat confusingly, a residential addiction recovery treatment program for adult men ages 18 and older. It’s an outpost of the Illinois branch of the nonprofit Teen Challenge, which tackles addiction using a faith-based, Christ-centered recovery program. Teen Challenge operates around 200 programs across the United States, and another thousand around the world. Medical detox is not available, and the facility does not allow clients to be on any type of psychotropic or mood-stabilizing medication while in treatment.


All new residents must complete an application via phone, email, or fax before being asked to come to the facility for intake and assessment.

The treatment program, which the facility refers to as a “character-development program,” lasts 14 months. It’s split into two phases — first, the “induction phase,” which lasts up to four months and involves recognizing destructive behavior, healing wounds, and fostering character development and spiritual growth. This is followed by placement in either Rehrersburg, Pa., or Cape Girardeau, Mo., for a 10-month residential work-experience. Residents who are on probation and not allowed to leave the state can be accommodated in a Chicago placement.

The crux of treatment is “structured, disciplined living,” which the facility says is designed to help residents feel mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially alive and well adjusted. Bible study is a crucial part of the treatment program. There’s no indication that the treatment program involves any therapy or counseling.

Contact with families is monitored. At the beginning of their stay, residents must provide a list of immediate family, a definition that’s restricted to parents, grandparents, siblings, and pastors. Wives may be included on the list only on presentation of a valid marriage certificate, and contact with girlfriends, fiancées, and ex-wives is not permitted. During the first four months of treatment, residents may communicate with people on their contact list via letters and, later, phone calls and visits.


There is currently no information provided on the facility’s website or otherwise regarding its treatment staff.


The sole loved one polled by Best-rehabs.com at the time of this writing, E.E.J., had a child stay at the facility for over 90 days as they were treated for substance abuse. She played an active role in her child’s treatment. E.E.J. visited her child while they attended treatment and stayed in regular contact.

E.E.J. gave the facility a five- out of five-star rating for several categories, including its accommodations & amenities, meals & nutrition, counseling options, and family involvement. She also gave the facility a maximum five-star rating for affordability, leadership, the level of staff support, and cleanliness.


According to the facility’s website, the program charges a one-time, non-refundable fee of $1,200, which covers the first four months of treatment. Financial assistance is available to clients who qualify.

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  • Has learned that God has the reins and life style reaps rewards. An addict forgets how to live life properly; they teach life skills and occupation skills.