South Central Behavioral Services, Inc.

South Central Behavioral Services, Inc.


South Central Behavioral Services, Inc. (SCBS) is a community-based provider of mental health and substance abuse treatment for children, adults, and their families. At its Kearney location, about two hours west of Lincoln, the Nebraska-based nonprofit agency provides day treatment, outpatient counseling, and community support services designed to help persons in their daily living or social functioning.


Day treatment at SCBS’s Unity House in Kearney takes place in structured, group environment five days a week, five hours at a time. While the program offers daily opportunity for practicing skills and building effective routines – through independent living skills classes and in private settings – participants also receive support for their mental and physical health issues. As such, they’ll exercise, attend sessions focused on healing trauma, and develop a Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) to help them move forward in life.

Designed to help persons live more independently, Community Support is available both at home and in the community. It works as follows: each client is assigned a recovery specialist, an individual who helps identify a client’s needs and meets with them on an as-needed basis. They offer assistance with major responsibilities such as searching for employment and finding safe and affordable housing as well as with smaller tasks like completing paperwork and sorting through mail. Bottom line: they’re there to help.

Participants of both day treatment and community support also have access to service planning, physical health care, and case management.


SCBS employs a diverse team of licensed professionals across its different treatment programs. While participants of day treatment and Community Support are each assigned a recovery specialist, the ACT team may include psychiatrists, mental health and addiction counselors, registered nurses, and certified peer support specialists.


An anonymous loved one, the sole respondent of a survey to date, highlighted the outpatient facility’s “well trained staff” but complained, without further elaboration, about “appointment interference.” They also awarded the facility ratings of three or four stars for areas like family inclusion, co-occurring treatment, and the effectiveness of treatment itself.


There is currently no information provided on the facility’s webpage or otherwise regarding its treatment costs, however, the anonymous survey respondent referred to the facility’s sliding scale fee as “affordable to all.”

Reviews about South Central Behavioral Services, Inc.

  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • Strengths:Well trained staff. Weakness: Appointment interference. Sliding scale fee so is affordable to all.