Farnham Family Services

Farnham Family Services


Established in 1971, Farnham Family Services is a state-licensed and private nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting individuals seeking recovery from and assistance with issues of substance abuse and behavioral health. Programs run on an outpatient basis, at various levels of intensity, and progress through either two, three, or four different phases, helping clients “move through the treatment process in a clearer fashion.”


As noted above, treatment programs at Farnham follow a phase system. A typical program has clients attending as many as four groups a week in its initial treatment phase, all the way down to one group a week by the third or fourth phase. Each phase requires attendance and active participation at individual and group sessions and is marked at completion with rewards like gift cards, certificates, and group ceremonies. With perfect attendance, clients can complete non-intensive and intensive care at 16 and 22 weeks respectively.

There are two additional tracks titled “Abuse Diagnosis” and “Opiate Pathway” yet further details on these are not given.


The treatment team at Farnham includes medical directors, licensed and master’s level social workers, a registered nurse, and certified alcohol and substance abuse counselors (CASACs).


The two anonymous Best-rehabs.com survey respondents to date reported having very different recovery experiences at Farnham. One deemed the staff here “Personable, Comfortable, Knowledgeable” so much so that it helped them “manage [their] addiction problems,” while the other felt misled by the facility and told Best-rehabs.com that the center “Did not help me out at all.”

The former only gave five-star ratings for family programming, the staff’s level of training and experience, the counseling options, and a dozen other categories, while the latter gave either one, two, or a rare three stars in these areas.

On Google, a reviewer named Ronald shared his concern with Farnham, writing: “They are a big money scam clear u of treatment but say u have to for the DMV I have personally talked with nys DMV and they don’t make u go if ur cleared just another way to take ur money and our tax payers dollars.”[1]


Treatment at Farnham Family Services is covered by Medicaid and insurance. Another option is self-payment, while the facility’s webpage maintains: “We never refuse treatment to anyone due to an inability to pay for treatment services.”

[1] https://goo.gl/d6smpt

Reviews about Farnham Family Services

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  • Personable, Comfortable, Knowledgeable. The team at Farnham Family Services were great! They truely helped me manage my addiction problems.
    • Treatment Effectiveness
    Most people get cleaned up to keep there jobs. Did not help me out at all.