Harbor Village Terrace House

Harbor Village Terrace House


Located in Buffalo, N.Y., Harbor Village Terrace House is a service of Horizon Health Services, a regional treatment provider of Western New York. Harbor Village Terrace House provides crisis intervention and short-term stabilization services for adults struggling with chemical dependency. The goal of the Terrance House is to medically monitor the detoxification process and refer the individual to an appropriate treatment program to continue treatment.


Harbor Village Terrace House provides acute stabilization and short-term inpatient treatment for individuals dependent on opioids, alcohol, and/or benzodiazepines. Enrollment is available by appointment. Upon admission into the facility, clients undergo an initial substance abuse assessment, psychiatric evaluation, and medical examination. The goal of acute stabilization is to intervene during the crisis and stabilize the client, preventing the need for hospitalization. Typically, the length of the medical detoxification service lasts between four and seven days, though the length of treatment is determined by individual needs and the progress of the client.

To promote stabilization, the facility may combine evidence-based treatment approaches with medication management to minimize the discomfort of withdrawal. During the short-term program, the center may facilitate group and individual counseling sessions, as well as psychoeducational classes on improving communication skills, daily living skills, improving coping skills, substance abuse, relapse prevention, and setting boundaries. During the stabilization process, Harbor Village Terrace House may set daily client goals and utilizes positive reinforcement to help patients meet these goals.

Harbor Village Terrace House begins forming a discharge plan during the initial assessment. Horizon Health Services provides a range of specialized residential and outpatient programs that the client may be referred to. The organization offers specialized residential programs for military veterans and young adults, as well as gender-specific programming for women. In addition, Horizon Health Services offers outpatient-based programs and counseling and operates a wellness center to provide therapeutic recreation. Clients may be referred to a specific program that best serves their unique needs.


Harbor Village Terrace House’s detoxification services are facilitated by a multidisciplinary team of professionals experienced in addiction and the process of recovery, which may include physicians, nurses, mental health and chemical dependency counselors, social workers, case managers, and treatment assistants.


While information is limited concerning the sleeping arrangements and amenities of Harbor Village Terrace House, the facility’s website describes it as “a safe place for medically supervised withdrawal…” Visitation is not allowed during the stabilization process. However, loved ones may be included in the discharge planning process. The sole loved one polled by Best-rehabs.com at the time of this writing also indicated that family tele-counseling may be available.


While Best-rehabs.com has yet to receive alumni feedback to date, secondary sources revealed generally positive opinions. On Google, four individuals gave the facility an average rating of four out of five stars. [1] Multiple reviewers praised the facility’s staff. “Extremely helpful, caring, remorseful and genuine people/staff. Don’t think twice, go there if needed,” one representative reviewer wrote.


The sole loved one polled by Best-rehabs.com supported these positive opinions. Out of five stars, sibling Annie gave four-star ratings for the facility’s safety and comfort, its discharge planning, and the staff’s level of experience and training. “My brother attended for alcohol addiction and another brother for narcotics… both successfully completed treatment but have since relapsed. The facility however did a great job,” Annie wrote, describing staff as “knowledgeable, caring and empathetic.”


Secondary sources revealed mixed opinions of Horizon Health Services, as a whole, among employees. On Indeed, 26 individuals gave the treatment provider an average rating of 3.2 out of five stars. [2] While many reviewers praised coworkers, individuals tended to have mixed opinions concerning management. “The management was always wiling to help new employees and build up confidence as well as clinical authority,” one representative reviewer wrote. However, other reviewers felt management did not properly support its staff.


Harbor Village Terrace House accepts a range of private insurance plans. Financing and financial assistance may be available to underinsured and uninsured individuals.

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  • My brother attended for alcohol addiction and another brother for narcotics... both successfully completed treatment but have since relapsed. The facility however did a great job... it was the outpatient struggle that ultimately won�strengths.... accomodations, family counseling tool, availability/open bed, knowledgable, caring and empathetic staff weaknesses.