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McLeod Center is designed and managed for the sole purpose of providing the appropriate level of care for persons living in the Carolinas who are seeking education, intervention, treatment, or support related to their addictive disease. Abstinence from the use of mood-altering substances will be the primary intent of all services provided. Excellent treatment is our priority; however, McLeod Center is distinguished by the belief that cost of treatment should not stand as a major barrier to care. Accordingly, charges are fair and inviting. At McLeod Center, we treat alcohol and drug problems…but our business is people.


Over the last 40 years, McLeod Addictive Disease Center has grown to become one of the largest providers of drug and alcohol addiction treatment in North Carolina. It operates facilities in Marion, Hickory, Gastonia, Statesville, and more. Today, the center accommodates a diverse clientele and offers a full continuum of care — residential, outpatient, aftercare, and criminal justice programs, as well as medically monitored detoxification.

This facility in Charlotte provides walk-in clinical assessments, outpatient (OP) and an adult residential program.


According to McLeod’s website, prospective clients can take a clinical assessment at the Charlotte location from 8:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Residential treatment typically lasts 28 days for adults, and 90 days for adolescents ages 13 to 17. Treatment includes individual counseling, gender-specific group counseling, an introduction to 12-step principles, and a weekly family group. Recovery education, such as life skills training and relapse prevention, are also available.

Adolescent treatment follows the Global Appraisal of Individual Needs (GAIN) model. Clients can additionally participate in an educational curriculum, outdoors recreational activities, and drug screenings.

Provided in the mornings and evenings, outpatient services are available at three different lengths: 20-, 40-, or 90-hour programs. Treatment programming for both adults and adolescents mirrors that of the residential curriculum. Programs range from six to 12 weeks.

Aftercare consists of six to eight weeks of group sessions, and clients are encouraged to continue attending meetings if they feel the need for ongoing support.

McLeod Addictive Disease Center as a whole also provides case management, DWI assessments, a 60-day drug screening/monitoring program, a 15-hour drug education course, a 10-hour program on soliciting prostitution, and a 12-hour cognitive behavioral intervention program that focuses on anger management and conflict resolution skills.


Although there is currently no information provided on McLeod in Charlotte’s website or otherwise regarding its treatment staff, one anonymous reviewer polled by referred to the staff as “very friendly and caring.” A second anonymous reviewer felt it “could be better staffed,” despite calling it a “very good facility.”


The McLeod website states participants in the organization’s residential program are housed in large shared bedrooms with full and double beds, and have access to living rooms and a patio. Other facility highlights include adult exercise rooms, adolescent game and recreation rooms, a meditation room, and a cafeteria with a salad bar.


Of three alumni polled by to date, one had a positive experience with McLeod Addictive Disease Center in Charlotte. One anonymous alum rated the center a perfect five stars in every metric measured, except for affordability, which the alum gave only three stars. The positive reviewer felt that services were costly but spoke of positive results. “At first I was hesitant but the end result is well worth it,” they wrote. “I feel better about myself, I love myself and I know it’s all thanks to them.”

One anonymous alumni reported that they “still drink” and alum Michael felt that the facility was disorganized. “I’m very disappointed I need and expect a more professional environment,” they wrote.


The two loved ones polled by to date gave mixed reviews. One reviewer gave McLeod in Charlotte mixed ratings ranging from one to five out of five stars across 12 metrics, and the other gave only one-star ratings. The anonymous loved one rated the facility perfect five-star ratings in affordability and counseling options and low two star ratings in exercise and leisure options and holistic treatment offerings.

Negative reviewer Koda critiqued the poor treatment from staff and financial policies. The anonymous reviewer wrote: “Very good facility could be better staffed but do as much as possible to treat any patient.”


On Indeed, 10 current and former employees to date rated McLeod in Charlotte an average 3.7 out of five stars.[1] Four employees to date on GlassDoor rated the center 3.2 out of five stars,[2] suggesting mixed to positive reviews.

In comments, employees wrote they enjoyed working with their coworkers and clients even though the workload could be immense at times. The director of adult treatment services wrote: “There are some challenging days; however, working as a helping professional allow me to see the benefit of changing individuals lives on a daily basis, which makes me enjoy dong what I do in the mental health/substance abuse profession.”


According to the center’s website McLeod Addictive Disease Center is in-network with Cigna, Aetna, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, and Medicaid and state funding may be utilized for select treatment services. The center provides a comprehensive price list of its services online, but recommends that prospective clients call for more information. For example, the 28-day adult residential program costs $7,420 and the 40-hour outpatient program costs $510.


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