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Daymark Recovery Services, Inc. Moore Center

Daymark Recovery Services, Inc. Moore Center


Daymark Recovery Services, Inc. operates 23 treatment facilities across North Carolina including the Moore Center in Pinehurst. The center offers mental health and substance abuse outpatient treatment and psychiatric services for adults and children.


The Moore Center begins treatment with an initial substance abuse and psychiatric evaluation.

Outpatient programming for clients with chemical dependency and mental health issues is offered for a minimum of nine hours per week. Treatment includes individual and group therapy and telemedicine. Evidence-based dialectic behavior therapy and mindfulness meditation is provided to adults.

The Moore Center also offers crisis intervention and medication management for individuals with mental health disorders. Psychiatric treatment and individual counseling is offered to both adults and children.

Intensive in-home services provide an alternative to out-of-home treatment for adults and adolescents.

A jail diversion program is available for adults.


Daymark Recovery Services, Inc. is operated by medical doctors, a licensed psychologist, a licensed professional counselor, and a licensed clinical social worker at the executive level.


Loved one C.N.A. gave the Moore Center positive reviews, offering perfect five-star ratings for the facility’s treatment effectiveness and accommodations. The reviewer commented: “The treatment helped my son kept him occupied with lots of extra curricular activities and enough support to get him thru.”


Though has not received feedback from current or former employees to date, 21 reviewers on Glassdoor gave the Daymark Recovery Services network an average 2.6 stars out of five. Positive reviews focused on good coworkers and a great place to gain experience. Negative reviewers noted poor communication and organization and problems with management. [1]


Daymark facilities accept private insurance plans, Medicaid, and Medicare. Individuals with Medicaid have no copay obligation. Those without insurance are eligible for a sliding fee scale.


Reviews about Daymark Recovery Services, Inc. Moore Center

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  • The treatment helped my son kept him occupied with lots of extra curricular activities and enough support to get him thru. It started out with day mart but treatment continued with Sandhills Mental health out patient facility with Suboxen Doctors and phycologists. Which got my son clean of prescription pain killers.