North Central Mental Health Services

North Central Mental Health Services


Founded in 1973, North Central Mental Health Services of Columbus, Ohio is an established community-based agency dedicated to the recovery and treatment of individuals and families with moderate to severe and persistent mental health illnesses. Today, North Central runs a range of licensed residential facilities, intensive recovery support services for teens, adults, senior adults, and those with dual diagnoses, and medical and psychiatric care.

North Central also provides medication and monitoring as well as education and suicide prevention services for local schools, businesses, and organizations.


With three different offices and residential programs throughout Franklin County, programming at North Central is manifold.

Adults aged 60 and older experiencing mental health problems caused by aging or changes in their health may be seen for family and private counseling. In cases necessary, a team of psychiatrists, case managers, and counselors are available for in-home mental health counseling and the alcohol and drug abuse frequently associated with these issues.

North Central’s Recovery Support Services, perhaps the agency’s largest service area, is designed for a wide audience of adults between the ages of 18 and 60. It has four stated goals: to improve a client’s quality of life, to reduce their symptoms, to restore and improve overall their functioning, and to help them take part in community life.

Under the Recovery Support Services division are four care options ranging in level of intensity and targeted audience. There is recovery assistance for individuals who require medication and less-intensive, ongoing therapy after completing primary treatment, as well as team-based recovery services for persons with a need for individualized care. The latter, more intensive option also addresses dual diagnoses.

The third component to the Recovery Support Services division is North Central’s Transitional Teams. Here, person and family-centered teams help youth and young adults, aged 14 to 22, work towards their educational and employment goals while simultaneously providing relief for their mental health problem. Teens and young adults receive a range of supports like referrals to vocational and educational programs, assistance in locating housing, training in everyday living skills, and links to other needed resources.

The fourth and final branch of the Recovery Support Services is North Central’s three residential houses. Aimed at helping adults become more self-reliant and independent through skills training and role modeling, these half a dozen supportive homes each vary in accordance of skill, need, and age.


According to North Central’s webpage, staff members work within a “person and family-centered model for recovery.” Psychiatrists, case managers, counselors, and other qualified behavioral health professionals work across the agency’s many programs and services.


In total, the agency operates five “Next Generation” homes (permanent, four-bedroom homes), an 11-bed facility for adult men and women with severe mental illness, and “extramural” homes for adults unable to live independently.

All residential facilities are staffed 24 hours a day.

WHAT ALUMNI SAY has yet to receive any reviews from the organization’s alumni.

Eight Google reviewers, however, collectively contributed towards an excellent average rating of 4.6 stars out of five. Since their time here, a former program attendant named Theresa noted that their “outlook in life has improved tremendously,” which she credited to having a compassionate counselor. “This place is better than awesome,” Lonnie, a five-star reviewer commented.[1]


The single survey respondent, an anonymous family member, felt that the facility their loved one attended “could have been cleaner and had more ammenities,” but nonetheless gave it four out of five stars for treatment effectiveness. “For a budget option they did help with my loved ones addiction,” they told


There is currently no information provided on the organization’s website or otherwise regarding its treatment costs.


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  • Strengths:Dedicated to my family members addiction and treatment Weakness:Could have had more ammenities The facility could have been cleaner and had more ammenities. But, for a budget option they did help with my loved ones addiction