Cincinnati Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Cincinnati Veterans Affairs Medical Center


Cincinnati Veterans Affairs Medical Center, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, offers a comprehensive selection of inpatient and outpatient treatment programs, including detoxification, to male and female veterans struggling with substance abuse and mental illness. The facility is located near the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, just north of the city’s center.


Both inpatient detoxification services and residential rehab programs are offered at this facility. The residential program houses 17 clients at a time and is three weeks in length. Residential treatment emphasizes group therapy and clients should be medically and psychologically stable to participate in the all- day treatments. Length of stay for detox varies for each person. Veterans stay in an acute medical unit at the VA hospital to receive treatment. Outpatient detoxification is also available for Veterans. Those choosing this program are seen daily by advanced practice nurses as an outpatient until the detox process is complete.

The facility’s Substance Abuse/Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (SA/PTSD) Program follows the Seeking Safety model. This is an evidence based program that helps clients deal with past trauma while working on recovery from substance abuse. The Intensive Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program uses individual and group therapy to assist Veterans in recovery who also have a co-occurring serious psychiatric disorder in addition to substance abuse.

The facility also provides specific treatment programs for those seeking recovery from opiates through an Opiate Substitution Program (OSP) or through the Suboxone (Buprenorphine) Clinic, intended to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms. Both programs provide medication to assist the client in recovery while they also receive counseling, case management, and group therapy. Finally, the facility offers a tobacco treatment center where clients may receive medication, classes, and individual counseling to help them quit tobacco products.


The treatment team includes medical doctors, psychologists, and advanced practice nurses along with other medical and therapeutic staff who facilitate the various programs offered.


The residential facility offers 17 beds for male and female veteran clients in a hospital setting. There is currently no additional information provided by the facility regarding its living arrangements and related offerings. However, one alum polled by gave the facility four out of five stars for accommodations and amenities.

WHAT ALUMNI SAY has yet to receive feedback from alumni of Cincinnati Veterans Affairs Medical Center at the time of this writing.


At the time of this writing, one friend or family member of a client submitted feedback to The anonymous friend of one client felt that the treatment offered by the facility was adequate.

The loved one gave the facility three out of five stars for treatment effectiveness. The loved one was not involved in helping the client pay for treatment, didn’t visit the client during treatment, and did not stay in regular contact with the client.

The loved one added that the client benefited from the care they received at the facility. The loved one would recommend this facility to a friend or loved one who was considering rehab. They also added, “the VA hospital while it does not exciede epectations it sreves a great purpose.”


According to Healthgrove, the facility accepts insurance including state insurance (other than Medicaid) and Access to Recovery (ATR) vouchers in addition to the veteran benefits.[1]


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  • Treatment Effectiveness
The VA hospital while it does not exceed expectations it serves a great purpose.