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Butler Hospital Providence Rhode Island

The alcohol and drug inpatient rehab program provides specialized treatment for individuals who are actively addicted to alcohol or other drugs and require detoxification with intensive medical supervision. This program is especially beneficial for those who lack the support to detoxify on an outpatient basis. It aims to help individuals detox safely and comfortably from addictive substances. The average length of stay in the program is three to five days and may vary based on each individual’s specific needs.


Butler Hospital, the only nonprofit, freestanding psychiatric hospital in Rhode Island, is affiliated with Brown University’s Warren Alpert Medical School. Its addiction and substance abuse unit offers inpatient detox and treatment, partial hospitalization (PHP), ambulatory detox, and aftercare services for adults, seniors, and adolescents. The hospital also provides care for individuals with co-occurring mental health disorders.


Most clients start their recovery journey at Butler Hospital with inpatient detox and treatment. The days are highly structured and consist of medication management, individual counseling, 12-step work, spirituality groups, fitness activities, family programming, and educational groups that address recovery and coping skills.

Partial hospitalization is available as a step-down treatment for inpatient clients or as a stand-alone option for individuals who do not wish to stay overnight. This outpatient option runs on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and involves two group sessions in the morning and two in the afternoon. Clients also have meetings with their physician and counselor at the end of each day.

Ambulatory detox is only available to individuals who are at least 18 years old, have an accompanying family member or friend, and have minimal risk of severe withdrawal symptoms. The program operates on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., and clients can expect to have five visits, with the first visit requiring a four-hour time commitment.


The substance abuse unit team at Butler Hospital includes physicians, psychologists, neurologists, nurses, mental health workers, chemical dependency professionals, social workers, and occupational therapists.


Patients can expect a standard hospital setting where rooms and bathrooms are shared. They may stroll the hospital grounds and visit the on-site gazebo with staff supervision. Further details about the facility are not available. However, reviewers on Best-rehabs.com, including alumni and their loved ones, gave the hospital’s accommodations an average rating of four out of five stars, and eight program alumni rated the center’s cleanliness an average of 4.25 stars.


Alumni surveyed by Best-rehabs.com shared mostly positive reviews of their time at Butler Hospital. When asked if they would recommend the facility to others, the eight surveyed alumni gave an average rating of 4.38. One alum, Tom, mentioned that the treatment center provided a quick and direct explanation of his problem and educated him about the disease of addiction. Alumni praised the staff’s level of experience, the family participation, and the facility’s connectivity policies. The criticisms included overcrowding and understaffing.

Google reviews also reflected a similar sentiment, with the facility receiving an overall rating of 3.7 stars from 33 reviewers. One recent review stated, “Amazing staff, caring and understanding.”


The feedback from loved ones was also positive. The nine friends and family members who were surveyed gave an average rating of 3.78 when asked if they would recommend Butler Hospital to others. The program’s counseling options, staff’s level of experience, and facility’s cleanliness received the highest average ratings of 4.44, 4.11, and 4.11 respectively. Loved ones were also fairly impressed with the program’s connectivity/visitor policies and family programming. The lowest rating was given to the program’s holistic offerings. Some loved ones mentioned that the facility was crowded and understaffed.


The facility’s website notes that insurance coverage is verified during the admissions process. According to HealthGrove, Butler Hospital accepts Medicaid, State Insurance, Military Insurance, and Access to Recovery (ATR) Vouchers.

Butler Hospital Reviews

I call it the country club hospital. I've been on 3 different floors. Delmonico unit upstairs is the best. It has a psychiatrist that sees you briefly in a side room that was not very helpful to me. I imagine all units are similar. Social workers walk around with clipboards but will rarely talk to you. Its like you're being babysat. The main counter is understaffed and it takes a long time to talk briefly to a secretary/social worker. Their always running around like it makes you feel like you don't want to bother them. Food cart comes and you have a limited choice to pick from but its good. Sit down kitchen table fills up quickly. Hot coffee, snacks, ginger ale available most times. I went because I was suicidal and deeply depressed. You almost can't go there unless you tried or thought hurting yourself. I was cleared by Miriam Hospital to get an ambulance ride there. Once you're evaluated they take you to a floor they feel is good for you and you're locked in. Can't get out until the psychiatrist releases you. My insurance allows a two week stay then you're booted out to a cab, Uber, or family member. 5 of my days involved ECT electric therapy. Didn't help me im afraid. Nice cafeteria downstairs but you have to be cleared. You pay for you're own food or bring a lunch and this is for day hospital only. Remember, you're locked in inpatient. Once my 2 weeks were completed they suggested day hospital. Its outpatient and you can leave if you want but you're on your own. I hated day hospital ,CBT classes, round table meetings taking each a turn to talk but you're not forced to talk but you have to attend or they spring you loose. Sorry to say, it did nothing for me because I didn't participate. You have to be willing to help yourself. They give you the tools and lots of talk therapy. It runs all day. Some are there court ordered but most aren't. Butlers was good for me because it kept me from walking around wanting to hurt myself. I've lapsed several times thats why I went several times. 10 Years free of hurting myself but I have a psychiatrist and social worker outside the hospital. Still depressed but stable on meds. Butlers is expensive and private. You need good insurance to pay for it and they usually only cover 2 weeks. Not enough time to get well. Beautiful campus if you're deemed able to walk around with a group. There is absolutely no smoking inside or out so if you have to smoke, don't go there. I can't say I enjoyed being there but it served it's purpose at the time. Im happy to say I don't need to go there anymore because its like a prison inpatient and their day program didn't help me because I didn't participate. If you're suicidal, go there, ask the medical hospital if they can send you there. I've heard chilling stories about other facilities. In my case I was suicidal and someone called 911 and the rescue took me to Merriam and they arranged my transportation to Butlers.
This Hospital is the absolute worst! I’m sure my review will never see the light of day. Butler has the worst staff I have ever seen in my life coming from the heath care industry. They lie to your Family about what is truly going on at CooCoo’s nest. They strongly promote the out dated ECT shock seizure treatments. Half of the patients are comatose just how they like their patients. The staff doesn’t want to be bothered by patients so they can “ do their jobs” It was no help whatsoever i fact Butler Hospital did more damage than help. This place you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. It is a complete joke with Doc who are on a power trip and will hold you against your will for the longest they possibly can. Stay away from Butler... very far away if you want to do what’s best for yourself! Coco, cocoon.... nest that is!
Doctors are terrible do not ever go there
This was the worst week and a half of my life. they treat every patient the same and the doctors and nurses are cold and heart less. i went into butler hospital in a very bad state and somehow came out worse. they prescribe multiple medications that did not help and were unnecessary. they treat patients horribly i don’t know how they’re still open.
Very unprofessional!! They are like a money machine!! Stay 3 days, change med and send home!!! Patient care is minimal!! Nurses are not good. One didn’t take my son’s depression and anxiety serious because he hadn’t actually tried to physically commit suicide!! Their day programs are a joke!! Just another way to make more money!! How can you call yourself a hospital?? REVOLVING DOOR CARE!!