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Hope Center Ministries - White House Men's Center White House Tennessee

The purpose of Hope Center Ministries is to provide men and women with the opportunity to overcome their drug and alcohol addiction through the transforming power and love of Jesus Christ. Our program is designed to show these individuals how to find peace and lasting freedom from their addictions through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Located in White House, Tenn., the White House Men’s Center is one of the treatment programs operated by Hope Center Ministries, a non-profit religious organization that operates many treatment programs in the United States and the United Kingdom. This treatment center offers residential treatment for substance abuse. The program is strongly based in Christian religious principles. Medically supervised detox is not available.


The treatment program lasts a minimum of eight months. It is broken up into three phases. The first phase lasts 45 days and includes bible study, individual and group therapy, and other religiously based activities. The second phase lasts 20 weeks and includes a job placement, where clients work 40 hours each week. Any income received goes directly back into the treatment program.

The third phase is called “Community Living,” and lasts for a minimum of eight weeks. Clients can live at home, at a sober living facility, or at this facility for the duration of phase three, depending on their specific needs. Clients are expected to attend church services, group therapy meetings, and work a job. Clients must call their sponsors daily and random drug tests are used.

While the treatment may utilize some of the methodology behind the 12 steps, treatment is Christian-based. Any mention of a higher power is understood to mean Christ.

Family members are encouraged to participate weekly, through family support times, scheduled visitations, and church services.

In the event of a relapse, clients that have successfully completed the treatment program are eligible for a free 45 day “Reconnection Program” to help the client continue with their recovery.


There is currently no information available on the facility’s website about the treatment staff; however, many of its leadership team members have backgrounds in ministries.


Clients need to bring their own clothing and toiletries. Anything else that they may need comes from the facility. Residents can make phone calls after their first 30 days of treatment. Any secular reading material must be first approved by staff.


To date, Best-rehabs.com has only received one review from an alum for White House Men’s Center. The review was very positive, with perfect five-star ratings given for treatment effectiveness and meals and nutrition. Accommodations and amenities received four out of five stars.

On the Facebook page for the entire ministry, the facility earned 4.8 out of five stars from nine reviews to date. [1] Reviews about the substance abuse program praised the faith-based approach of the program and the staff. In a representative review, alum Robin wrote: “Everyone has helped me along this journey, and the best part is, is that its not over yet. I highly recommend this program to anyone suffering from the disease of addiction. If it can change my life, I promise it can change yours.”


According to the facility’s website, treatment costs $700 per month. The facility does not accept health insurance.

[1] https://www.facebook.com/pg/hopecenterwhitehouse/reviews/

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