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In Triumph Denison Texas

In Triumph offers a faith-based, traditional home setting where men can make a commitment to Christ and learn self-discipline, responsibility and accountability. The program includes individualized treatment planning, comprehensive assessments, recovery meetings, character-educational sessions, group and individual counseling and Biblical study. Enrollment is limited to 18 to 24 year old young men who are either homeless, or at risk of homelessness, and are aware of and committed to their need for treatment and recovery.


Located in Denison, Texas, In Triumph is a non-profit, faith-based transitional home. The program is available only for young men between the ages of 18 to 24. The program serves two types of young men: those aging out of the foster care system and those struggling with substance abuse.


The substance abuse transitional program provides clients with a religious alternative to traditional residential care. According to the facility’s website, the facility operates under the “philosophy of sobriety through Christ alone.”

Treatment includes comprehensive assessments, religious-based recovery meetings, character educational sessions, individual and group counseling, and Bible studies.

Treatment typically lasts 90 days, but can be extended based on individual client needs.


Little information is provided by the facility on its website; however, it is discussed that the facility’s founder is a musician who struggled with his own relationship with God.


The facility is a 10-bed dormitory in the Down Town Historic District. The facility has room for recreational activities on-site. Clients are supervised 24/7.


At the time of this writing, has only received one alumni review about In Triumph. The review was extremely positive, with five out of five stars given to the facility for its treatment effectiveness, accommodations and amenities, and meals and nutrition.

In his review, the alum praised the staff members and the environment, before writing: “The staff there provided me with the best care I’ve ever had in a rehab center. It’s a great environment as well. Their unorthodox approach towards recovery allowed me to truly taste freedom from addiction.”

On its Facebook page, which In Triumph can manage, the facility earned all five-star ratings from four reviews to date. [1] The reviewers praised its religious focus and kind staff. In a representative review, alum Jacob wrote: “It was not only a place where I would receive a balanced structure, useful life skills, and the discipline that it takes to be an effective leader, but it would also be the place where I would meet my Lord Jesus Christ – a place that would raise me to biblical manhood.”


According to a testimonial on the facility’s website, participation in this program is free to clients.


In Triumph Reviews

In Triumph changed my life. I came into the program hooked on drugs and alcohol, and I graduated a different person. The staff there provided me with the best care I've ever had in a rehab center. It's a great environment as well. Their unorthodox approach towards recovery allowed me to truly taste freedom from addiction. I highly recommend In Triumph for any younger person out there who is hooked on drugs. If you do, as the director once told me, I promise you will never be the same....