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The Springboard Center

The Springboard Center


Founded in 2003 and located in Midland, Texas, the Springboard Center provides outpatient-based programs, inpatient care, and sober living homes for adults struggling with substance abuse. Medical detoxification is also available on-site.


Upon admission, clients undergo an initial assessment to determine an appropriate level of care. The facility offers medical detox in a secure environment. The length of time required for detox is different for each client, depending on the substance and severity of dependency.

According to the facility’s website, the Springboard Center utilizes 12-step principles, and endeavors to treats the whole person. The center believes the diet, nutrition, exercise, emotional, mental, and spiritual development is essential in ensuring long-term recovery.

Each treatment plan is individualized, but the key components are individual and group counseling. Springboard Center emphasizes the importance of family support in treatment and offers family programs to that end.

The residential program is designed to be completed in 30 days. It is one of 91 short-term inpatient facilities in Texas. Programming includes counseling, chemical dependence education, relapse classes, life-skills development groups, yoga, massage and cardio therapy, and support groups.

The intensive outpatient program is an eight-week program, and individuals in the program participate in 10 hours a weekly individual, group, gender-specific, and family counseling.

The Springboard Center opened two men’s sober living homes, and one women’s sober living home in 2015. The homes offer alcohol and drug free homes to help individuals transition out of treatment. To live in the sober living homes, residents must have completed at least 30 days in an inpatient program.


The Springboard Center’s treatment team includes counselors, nurses, and admission specialists.


The facility’s website indicates computers, cell phones, tablets, or any electronic devices are not allowed during treatment. Pictures on the website suggested shared bedrooms. Residents are able to make three, 10 minute phone calls per week, and loved ones are allowed to visit on Sundays.


The two alumni polled by at the time of this writing provided mostly positive reviews. One alum gave five out of five stars for most categories evaluated including when asked if they would be likely to recommend Springboard. “Spring board, is a great treatment center, that has medical staff, counselor and tech’s 24hrs a day,” they wrote.

The other alum noted they would recommend the center, and gave five stars for the facility’s cleanliness, the amount of staff support, and the staff’s level of experience and training. However, admitting issues upon discharge, the alum wrote: “I did not use the tools that were provided to me.”

To date, the 41 people who left reviews on the facility’s Facebook page, which the center may the ability to control, provided glowingly positive reviews, and a 4.9 out of five-star average.[1] Reviews on Google were very similar, with eight individuals offering perfect five-star ratings.[2]

Many alumni praised the staff, and noted the center saved their lives. “Springboard changed my life! I walked in ready to give up and they showed me the way to never give up! The staff are some very special people,” an alum wrote in a representative review.


According to the facility’s website, the treatment center accepts most major insurances and private pay. Rent is $600 a month in the sober living homes.


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Reviews about The Springboard Center

Spring board, is a great treatment center, that has medical staff, counselor and tech's 24hrs a day.
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  • Meals & Nutrition
I did not use the tools that were provided to me.