Capstone Counseling Centers

Capstone Counseling Centers


Capstone Counseling Centers has five counseling locations in Utah. The center in Salt Lake City offers a wide range of outpatient services for people struggling with substance abuse and mental illnesses. Services include evaluations, general outpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment (IOP), and educational classes.


According to Capstone’s website, the center offers a free assessment to all of its patients. The facility provides a range of evaluations such as drug and alcohol, mental health, domestic violence, and anger management.

According to Capstone Counseling Centers’ website, treatment does not include the 12-step program. It takes a clinical approach to treatment, and the center believes there is no “one size fits all” answer.

The center’s website indicates there are three tiers of outpatient treatment. The programs last between three to six month. Depending on the tier, the patient meets between one to three times a week. All the treatment plans are followed by a month of aftercare.

The center also offers domestic violence treatment, individual counseling, and educational classes such as anger management and parenting.


There are currently no information about the staff’s specific credentials. However, according to Capstone’s website: “All of the Capstone Staff have been chosen both for their abilities and for their beliefs in the human spirit. Capstone Staff are not only very qualified, but are also warm, inviting, and invested in the success of our clients.” One alum polled by rated staff’s level of experience and training three out of five stars.


The single alum surveyed by at the time of this writing gave Capstone mixed ratings and negative commentary. The alum rated the center four out of five stars for its family participation and cleanliness, three stars for its exercise and leisure provisions and its connectivity/visitor policy, and two stars for its holistic treatment offerings and its counseling options. The alum also wrote: “Capstone seen me as another $ sign, their employees weren’t there to make a difference they were there for a paycheck…I faked it till I made it & here I sit, alone & still struggling cuz I still suffer from my active addiction.”

Seven reviewers to date reported mostly positive experiences on secondary sites. Of six Google reviewers, five gave the center five out of five stars,while one rated it only one star.[1] On the facility’s Facebook page, which may be curated, one reviewer rated the center one out of five stars.[2] On Google, alum Meranda wrote in a representative review: “This Place Is Amazing! Very Amazing at explaining things to the extent of my knowledge, with no problem explaining something twice.”


According to the center’s website, Capstone accepts most major insurances and offers affordable payment plans. The alum polled by rated the center’s affordability only one out of five stars.


Capstone Counseling Centers Reviews

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  • There weren't any I could tell u of. They didn't hold up to their policy, never went into dcfs court w me once a month as their contract stated they would, I couldn't trust their staff to help me thru a problem w out turning it in as they portrayed to do so it was a fake it till u make it situation, my therapist rarely stayed awake during our session, I was just another $ sign to them they never did care to help me. Capstone seen me as another $ sign, their employees weren't there to make a difference they were there for a paycheck. They never delivered what they promised & I did not trust any of them to honestly help me thru my struggles so in turn, just to get done cuz the cost was killing me, I faked it till I made it & here I sit, alone & still struggling cuz I still suffer from my active addiction.