Southwest Behavioral Health Center – Horizon House

Southwest Behavioral Health Center – Horizon House


Mental health provider Southwest Behavioral Health Center operates the residential substance abuse facility, Horizon House. The facility offers gender-specific treatment for youth and adults struggling with chemical dependency. Horizon House, located in Cedar City, Utah, offers 45-day residential programming with follow-up outpatient treatment. The facility is also one of the only 45 (19.1 percent) Utah facilities with programming for pregnant women or women with children.


Gender-specific residential treatment at the Horizon House incorporates group and individual therapy with support groups for substance abuse, as well as co-occurring mental health concerns. Clients can also expect to participate in educational classes on communicating, anger management, and relapse prevention.

Specialized residential and outpatient services for pregnant women and those with children is also available. The facility offers childcare, transportation assistance, and long-term foster care as needed. Women enrolled in treatment may participate in counseling, educational programming, parenting education, and life-skills development.

Following residential treatment, clients can participate in outpatient programming during Phase II and III of treatment at any of the facility’s five locations. The facility also recommends family participation throughout treatment. Southwest Behavioral Health Center also offers adult DUI offender education classes.


Southwest Behavioral Health Center’s website notes that it employs physicians, clinical social workers, clinical psychologists, residential staff, and prevention and education specialists. Specialized adult and youth staff and business staff are also employed at the facility. However, specific information for staff employed at Horizon House is unavailable, though 98.8 percent of all substance abuse treatment facilities in the state have higher education requirements for staff.

The two alumni polled by to date both provided five out of five stars for the center’s level of staff support.**


No specific information regarding Horizon House’s living arrangements is available at this time of writing, but it is noted that gender-specific housing is available at two locations. The two reviewers polled by to date gave three- and five- out of five-stars for the accommodations, respectively, as well as four and five stars for the facility’s cleanliness and upkeep.


The two alumni to provide feedback to at the time of this writing gave positive reviews. Both respondents praised employees, giving perfect five out of five star ratings for the counseling staff. Holistic options were given more moderate ratings, with three- and four- star ratings provided.

“HH is an amazing and supportive care facility I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to build a deep connection with themselves and others,” wrote former client H.A.D. The respondent gave perfect ratings for treatment effectiveness and meals offered.

C.J.H. added praise for staff and noted the simplicity of the facility. “I believe I got the best treatment around as far as the counselors are concerned,” this alum wrote. C.J.H. referred to the facility as “older” and remarked, “not a country club type of facility.”

On Google, two reviewers gave the facility polarized reviews.[1] The five-star reviewer left no written comments, and the one-star reviewer, though not having attended the facility herself, noted having friends who were not successful at Horizon House.


Southwest Behavioral Center, which operates Horizon House, is a mental health provider for Medicaid participants in Southwest Utah. Those enrolled in Medicaid may be eligible for transportation assistance.

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Southwest Behavioral Health Center – Horizon House Reviews

The facility is older and runs on grant money and federal funding, it is not a country club type of facility. However, I believe I got the best treatment around as far as the counselors are concerned.
HH is an amazing and supportive care facility I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to build a deep connection with themselves and others.