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Zion Recovery Center provides faith-based, research-validated treatment in structured, small group settings along with individualized therapy for those who require it. The Center is committed to fostering a sanctuary of cognitive and emotional healing where the client feels safe conquering their deepest fears and releasing their buried pain and feelings. With an emphasis on innovation and healthy recreation, Zion is committed to pioneering new treatment modalities, and its natural setting allows clients the opportunity to participate in outdoor activities like fishing, hiking and snowboarding that can also contribute to the recovery process.


Located in the community of Eagle Mountain, Utah, 41 miles south of Salt Lake City, Zion Recovery Center is a Christian-based treatment facility that offers a full continuum of treatment for individuals struggling with chemical dependency. The facility offers one of the 122 (51.9 percent) gender-specific residential programs in the state (30, 60, or 90 days), partial hospitalization program (PHP), intensive outpatient program (IOP), and traditional outpatient program. The facility is also one of the only 25 (10.6 percent) in Utah that facilitates medical detoxification services. Additionally, Zion Recovery is equipped to treat mild to moderate co-occurring mental health disorders.


Upon admission, clients undergo an initial substance abuse assessment and biopsychosocial evaluation to help clinicians form an individualized plan of care. Depending on the needs of the client, the five-bed residential program lasts 30, 60, or 90 days, which is followed by outpatient-based treatment. Zion Recovery Center combines Christian-based principles and principles with evidence-based treatment methods to address issues contributing to addictive behavior while promoting a healthy, sober lifestyle.

Utilizing dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), residents participate in group, individual, and family counseling sessions to help identify and modify the link between irrational thinking patterns and addictive behavior. Although treatment is not primarily based on 12-Step, the self-help fellowship is introduced to residents. Clients also regularly attend psychoeducational classes, and specialized groups on trauma and anger management are available. Medication-assisted treatment (Suboxone) is also available to individuals recovering from opioid dependency.

To involve loved ones in the process of recovery, family members are invited to attend family counseling sessions, as well as educational groups on codependency and family dynamics.

In addition to core programming, residents engage in daily social and recreational activities, which may include mountain retreats, outdoor recreation, sport recreation, music and drumming, and more. Clients also participate in meditation sessions, mindfulness training, and art therapy.

As a faith-based program, residents may regularly attend worship services, receive spiritual counseling, participate in Bible studies, and partake in other spiritual-based activities. The facility’s website notes that religion is not forced on residents. Once an individual completes residential treatment, the facility strongly encourages clients to “step-down” to a less-intensive level of care. To ensure clients continue to receive highly-individualized treatment, outpatient programs only treat 10 clients at a time.


Zion Recovery Center employs a team of masters-level substance abuse counselors, licensed social workers, and support staff. Indeed, 98.8 percent of substance abuse treatment centers in Utah have higher education requirements for staff.


The gender-specific residential program only treats five men or women at a time. The upscale, homelike facility features spacious double-occupancy bedrooms, well-furnished game rooms, a movie lounge, a fitness area, and full kitchen. According to the facility’s website, residents may participate in a range of recreational outings, including ATV driving, hiking, snowboarding, ropes course, fishing, and more.


The sole alum polled by Best-rehabs.com at the time of this writing praised the facility. Calling the staff “compassionate” and “professional” and the program “affordable,” D.L. credited the facility with saving his life. Offering a perfect five-star rating for the facility’s overall effectiveness, D.L. added, “I highly recommend anyone looking for substance abuse treatment to go to Zion!”

Feedback on secondary review sites strongly supported this positive opinion. On Google reviews, 14 individuals (alumni and loved ones) all awarded the facility a perfect rating of five out of five stars.

“I never thought I would ever go through a faith based rehab, but having done the program I know that is what I’ve needed all along,” K.B., a representative reviewer, wrote. Alum B.S. added, “This treatment facility is by far the most thorough, effective, loving, and honest treatment facility I have ever been to.”


Similar to alumni reviews, loved ones also praised the facility and its staff on Google reviews. “Zion Recovery Center has been an amazing life saver for our family,” T.C., a mother and representative reviewer, wrote. S.B., a sister of a client, added, “The first time I saw him at family therapy in Zion I felt he was finally at peace within.”


Zion Recovery Center accepts most private insurance plans and offers flexible payment plans to assist with any out-of-pocket costs. Unique to the facility, the center offers a guarantee of success, which allows clients who relapse to return to treatment free-of-charge.

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  • I love and truly appreciate the staff at this facility; they saved my life! Everything recovery related that I needed to know in order to survive, I was able to learn at Zion Recovery Center. They are the most compassionate and affordable as well as professional team I have ever met; and I have been through a lot of other treatments. I highly recommend anyone looking for substance abuse treatment to go to Zion!