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Valley Community Services Board

Valley Community Services Board


Based in Staunton, Va., Valley Community Services Board (VCSB) provides a robust range of substance use treatments. Services include an intensive outpatient program (IOP), outpatient program (OP), and case management program for individuals struggling with chemical dependency and co-occurring disorders. This regional center also offers behavioral health and developmental treatment services to residents of local counties.


Before starting treatment, clients first have an intake appointment through the Client Services Department, which offers walk-in and by-appointment substance use and psychiatric assessments. While VCSB primarily facilitates outpatient-based treatment, the professional staff provides referrals for appropriate crisis intervention services. If an individual does not require stabilization, they may be referred to one of VCSB’s outpatient programs.

The IOP, the “most intensive treatment plan”, as the facility’s website describes it, provides an evidence-based approach and focuses on early recovery and relapse prevention. Utilizing motivational interviewing (MI) techniques, the IOP is a structured offering that involvesindividual, group, and family counseling, as well as educational presentations and skill-building workshops.

IOP clients meet for 12 weeks, three days per week for three-hour sessions each time in the evening or morning. A specialized, gender-specific IOP is available for pregnant and parenting women struggling with chemical dependency, and a prevention-focused program is offered to adolescents and children.

The OP is the “least intensive treatment plan”. Clients engage in an interactive journaling modality and self-discovery. They also receive instruction in coping skills, as well as relationship and social support. Clients attend the OP on a frequency schedule and length of time based on their individual needs. All VCSB substance abuse programs include regular toxicology screenings.

The case management program assigns a case worker to each client. The case worker determines the needs of the client, including treatment services and resources for support in the community.


VCSB employs a large, multidisciplinary team, which includes psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, children and adolescent therapists, licensed professional counselors, licensed social workers, case managers, registered nurses, and behavioral health technicians.


Since VCSB offers services on an outpatient basis, it does not provide information on accommodations and related offerings. Of note, the sole loved one polled by at the time of this writing gave the facility a perfect five-star rating for cleanliness and upkeep.


Although has yet to receive alumni feedback about VCSB substance use services, secondary sources revealed overall positive alumni opinions about VCSB in general. On its Facebook page, which VCSB can manage, 21 individuals gave the total organization an average rating of four out of five stars.[1] Many reviewers cited the staff as a strength. “Very good staff,” Matthew, a representative reviewer, wrote, adding: “Cares and gets the job done in a timely manner.”

On Google, VCSB received an average of three of out five stars based on five reviews. [2] These ratings, similar to those on Facebook, apply to the organization as a whole rather than specifically to its substance use services. The two Google reviewers who provided comments with their one-star ratings criticized the facility’s website and staff.


The loved one polled by at the time of this writing appreciated most aspects of VCSB’s treatment for substance use, offering perfect-five star ratings for the professional staff’s level of experience and training and the facility’s discharge planning process. “The counselor’s were wonderful to my friend. He said that whenever he had questions or just needed to talk they were always available,” they wrote. This survey respondent also gave four out of five stars for counseling options and treatment of co-occurring disorders.


Secondary sources revealed mixed opinions among staff members about VCSB in general. On Indeed, 12 reviewers gave the facility an average rating of 2.7 out of five stars.[3] While some reviewers felt the organization failed to give employees adequate training, others praised their coworkers and management. Several listed working with clients among the positive factors of their experience at VCSB.


VCSB accepts major insurance providers, Medicaid, Medicare, and Tricare. It offers a sliding fee scale based on income for self-pay clients.


Reviews about Valley Community Services Board

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  • The counselor's were wonderful to my friend. He said that whenever he had questions or just needed to talk they were always available. My friend's job referred him to this facility and he had to travel from Indiana to Virginia. That was the only drawback. Family was too far away to participate in any way. But the program was very helpful and he has been sober now for quite some time.