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Highly individualized care in the best residential facilities with a caring and professional staff. Combines evidence-based and experiential addiction recovery methods to promote individual change and progress.


Pure Life Recovery is a small, private rehab headquartered in a business park two miles from the beach in sunny San Clemente, Southern California — a town with a high concentration of rehab facilities and sober-living houses. Pure Life offers a full continuum of care: medical detox, residential treatment, and outpatient care at a variety of intensities, plus aftercare. The center can accommodate dually diagnosed individuals as well as those struggling with substance use disorder alone.


Pure Life offers a standard selection of treatment modalities, individualized to suit clients’ needs. Specifically, the organization uses the 12-Steps alongside individual, group, and family therapy; evidence-based methodologies (such as cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT — erroneously listed on the facility’s website as “behavioral cognitive therapy”); trauma therapy; psychoeducation on the nature of disease and addiction; and holistic activities such as yoga, equine therapy, and adventure therapy. For dually diagnosed clients, Pure Life pledges to treat the mental health disorder concurrently with the substance use disorder.

During detox, clients are monitored by physicians and other medical staff, and provided medications when necessary to ease the symptoms of withdrawal. In addition, their diets and health are monitored, to ensure that their bodies are receiving enough rest and nutrition to heal.

The center provides little specific information about its residential treatment program, other than to note that it uses the treatment modalities mentioned above. Outpatient care comes in the form of a partial hospitalization program (PHP) and an intensive outpatient program (IOP).

Although Pure Life’s website notes that the organization provides sober-living arrangements and an alumni program, no further information about either offering is available at the time of this writing.


Pure Life Recovery notes that detox is overseen by doctors, but does not indicate whether they’re employed as staff or on a contract basis. And according to a company blog, the clinical director is a licensed marriage and family therapist.


Pure Life Recovery’s living accommodations are located in Rancho Santa Fe as well as San Clemente. Residents stay at family-style homes with full kitchens and outdoor pools; the decor ranges from traditional suburban style to locally appropriate Spanish-style decor. The center also offers a range of quintessentially SoCal extracurricular activities, such as wolf therapy, indoor skydiving, and rock climbing. Meals are prepared by a chef who trained in Europe.

A February 2015 listing from the State of California indicated that at that point in time, Pure Life Recovery was licensed to run two co-ed facilities that housed eight people each.


Best-rehabs.com has not yet received any reviews from this facility’s alumni, affiliated friends or family members, or staff, however, secondary sites did yield a single review: a one-star rating left on Google with no accompanying commentary.[1]


Pure Life Recovery accepts numerous PPO insurance plans.

[1] https://goo.gl/BZHbtd

Reviews about Pure Life Recovery

  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • My name is Casey and I attended Pure Life Recovery in Draper Utah recently. I was one of the first clients to open up the treatment center. I want to start off by saying that I was and still very appreciative for the opportunity to seek help and start the process of turning my life around. Thank you again. I cannot compliment enough the executive director and clinical directors of Pure Life. From day one I was met with professionalism and kindness from both the executive and clinical directors. Two thumbs up to the operations manager. Due to confidentiality I will leave names out of it. Thank you again operations manager for the support, the professional way you worked and carried yourself day in and day out. I look up to you. As for the admissions and recreation department/director. You were the reason I started this and finished it and took new sober memories with me through my journey currently. The absolute most sweet, caring, amazing person to be around and to be able to say I was part of something she created. A+++++ all the way around. As for the the negative and frustrating parts of Pure Life Recovery, I will state them as appropriate as possible. I was told that I was in a place where I could safely and emotionally be able to deal with life and my issues as a individual also. I was told quite often that if there was any place to work on my issues then I was in the right place. It seems though that the ownership and clinical staff didn't make decisions as a team which resulted in making it an unsafe place to be for staff and clients. One of my close friends and family I was part of at Pure Life was kicked out of the program because of the owners son and false statements made resulted in a very concerning outlook on how the program is structured and ran. Only days until graduation and discharge, Pure Life lost truly an amazing and great client and individual which could have resulted in a very disastrous and scary possibility of losing someone to relapse. Because of actions and words not being congruent from owners and staff. I could have a lost a friend I care greatly for. Two more clients chose to leave due to all the issues within Pure Life. I hope this and the other comments of prior clients and community help change and make a more safe, stable, and reassuring treatment center to seek out for future clients. We built a great little family/friendship between the 8 of us that attended Pure Life at one time. And I will forever be super thankful and blessed to take that with me out of everything there. Thank you.
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • Checked into Pure Life in Draper Utah on January 1st 2018. This facility is very nice, clean and comfortable. The staff and Therapist’s were excellent. I’d love to personally name them but for confidentiality reasons I won’t. I’d also like to compliment there rec program and facilitator. She is also the intake manager. A++++. Sadly the ownership is extremely poor and unprofessional. The facility wasn’t ready to take in patients but did anyway. Cook had never been seen washing hands. He’d prepare meals using no gloves, apron, or hair net. Cook would talk very inappropriately including comments about having diarrhea while we were having lunch. After multiple complaints from all patients the owner and his son had one of the RA’s fire the cook. After this took place. The owner and his son took acts of retaliation against the patients by taking passive aggressive actions against us. Over a 48hr period. Fortunately the owners son has a loud uncontrollable mouth and made the comment of “You guys want to complain, this is what your going to get” this was conformation that in fact they were retaliating for complaining. After the argument at lunch where everyone confronted the owners. We left to rec. When we returned to the house I was called into the office where I was told I was being discharged because the owners son first lied and said I threatened him then retracting his statement saying he was scared to come to work so they had no choice but to discharge me 6 days before my graduation date. All of us were in the room and seen what happened. The cameras seen what happened. I have zero criminal charges on my background. I’ve never been to jail. I’m 33 years old with two sons and they sent me on my way. It was humiliating, degrading, and embarrassing. Fortunately I feel great and the treatment I received made me stronger then I’ve ever been and I still plan to live a successful and sober life. I’d shop around for other rehab centers before settling for this one. At least until the owners get there hands out of the mix and let the staff do what they do.