Watauga Recovery Center

Watauga Recovery Center


Watauga Recovery Centers operates 10 outpatient addiction treatment facilities in Virginia and Tennessee, including centers in Johnson City and Morristown, Tenn. Like all Watauga centers, the Abingdon facility, located on a leafy residential street in the east of the small town in southwestern Virginia, offers outpatient medication-assisted treatment for adults aged 18+.


Watauga Recovery Centers use Suboxone and other medical therapies to treat opioid and other addictions. The organization is keen to point out that it does not provide medication alone, instead aiming to treat each client’s mind, body, and spirit, through on-site 12-step meetings, education about recovery, and group counseling sessions, in addition to medication.

An initial appointment lasts approximately 90 minutes. Once treatment is established, clients must attend at least one meeting at the facility per month for the duration of treatment, the length of which varies from client to client. All clients must also comply with drug screens and attend medical sessions every week.

Families are welcome to accompany clients to treatment, and there are play areas for children at each Watauga facility.


Medications are prescribed by board-certified physicians, and other treatment sessions are conducted by individuals with an intimate knowledge of the 12-steps, though their precise credentials are not detailed at the time of this writing. The single individual polled by Best-rehabs.com to date gave the facility four out of five stars for its staff’s level of training and experience.


Best-rehabs.com has not yet received any reviews directly from alumni of Watauga Recovery Centers in Abingdon, and secondary sites yielded mixed reviews, skewing positive, at the time of this writing: a 3.8-star average rating based on eight reviews, all left on Google.[1] Five of the eight reviews awarded the facility five stars but left no accompanying commentary. The only commentary came from negative or lukewarm reviewers, two of whom indicated that the facility’s staff could at times be somewhat “jaded” or suspicious: “They say that there all recovering add but if u dont say or act like they think u should that they throw u out,” T.B. wrote in one such account. The other reviewer who left commentary additionally criticized the center’s layout, wait times, and lab and administrative staff, but added: “This place wasn’t right for me, so I decided to leave this facility. There are people I know that do like it here. It has helped many people who’ve chosen to take their medication correctly and attend group meetings.”


The single loved one polled by Best-rehabs.com to date would strongly recommend treatment at the Watauga Recovery Center in Abingdon. “Great counselors. Interested in really helping,” they wrote anonymously, though they added that they felt the weaning process was too accelerated. They gave the facility three stars for its holistic offerings and four stars in almost all of the remaining treatment metrics, including its treatment effectiveness, family participation, counseling options, and ability to treat co-occurring disorders.


The single staff review Best-rehabs.com was able to uncover at the time of this writing was mixed: a two-star rating left on Indeed.com.[2] “Enjoyed most there,” the former employee wrote, citing the center’s clients as a pro of the facility, thus indicating a strong commitment to client care. However, the reviewer also cited their coworkers as a negative of the center, though they did not provide further details.


Watauga does not accept insurance for appointments at the center, though some insurers may reimburse clients for their medications. Clients must submit these claims themselves. The single individual polled by Best-rehabs.com to date gave the facility four out of five stars for its affordability.

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  • Great counselors. Interested in really helping. Go to fast, in weaning process.