Fort Huachuca- Army Substance Abuse Program

Fort Huachuca- Army Substance Abuse Program


A part of Fort Huachuca, a U.S. army base located in southeast Arizona, the Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) provides addiction treatment, prevention, and education services to soldiers, veterans, and family members. According Fort Huachuca’s website, treatment is available to all individuals who are eligible to receive military medical services.


In addition to self-referral, clients may be referred to the program by their commanding officer or a medical treatment facility. They may also be required to seek treatment if they receive a positive drug test or are involved in an alcohol or drug-related incident.

All clients receive an evaluation upon admission to determine the appropriate level of care. While most treatment services are outpatient-based, an inpatient option is available, if needed.

The Level II option is the most intensive of ASAP outpatient treatment. Designed for individuals with a long-standing history of alcohol or drug dependency, It’s a structured, 13-week program that offers a range of treatment modalities, from early intervention to relapse prevention.

The Level I treatment option is a less intensive intervention program that is split up into two two-hour groups. There is also a 16-hour Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Training program (ADAPT), which is educational and motivational in nature and focuses on the adverse effects and consequences of substance abuse.


According to the facility’s website, the treatment team includes licensed clinical counselors. The one alum surveyed by at the time of this writing gave the ASAP five out of five stars for its staff support and its staff’s level of training and experience. They also noted that “the counselors were also military so the relation of patient to counselor was ideal.”


E.L., the sole alum polled by to date, gave the ASAP a highly positive review. In addition to commending the U.S. Army for providing highly effective treatment, the alum gave the program five out of five stars for its cleanliness, its inclusion of alternative approaches, its frequency of meetings, its overall quality of counseling, its counselor availability, and its counselors’ respect for client treatment preferences.


One counselor from the Fort Huachuca ASAP provided the program with a positive review on Indeed, giving the facility five out of five stars for its work/life balance, its job security and advancement, its management, and its job culture.[1] They wrote: “During my time here, I have facilitated several groups, worked with individual soldiers and learned more about treatment planning and diagnosis from a substance perspective. In addition to substance abuse, I also work on career development and transitions for those who are leaving the military…They have also provided a safe environment.”


Treatment services are covered for all individuals who receive military medical benefits.


Fort Huachuca- Army Substance Abuse Program Reviews

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  • I am a firm believer in " admitting" that one has a problem. If admitted and truly seeking help, the user should constantly be reminded of their reason for being there. I had no idea how to stop, thus I sought treatment. My career was being assaulted so I needed to "go straight". Any suggestion I would give would naturally be as a result of my own unique experience. Not everyone who enters a facility will admit a problem. There were two things that struck me as totally enlightening and needed. The counselors were also military so the relation of patient to counselor was ideal. Enlightening and Needed included 2 books that were written by doctors who specialized in substance abuse. The title of the books, " I'm OK, your OK and " Games People Play" additionally, after I left the Army, I sought self help books, such as "Born tO win" and others. I cannot begin to describe the effect those books had on my life. I strongly recommend all three.