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Reflections Recovery Center strives to provide you with the best possible care while you are in our treatment program. Our caring staff will, along with our addiction treatment program, will support you through each phase in your recovery by reinforcing positive changes and behaviors while fostering compassion toward yourself and others. Call Reflections for help today! Reflections Recovery Center considers itself the Best Drug Addiction Treatment & Drug Treatment Programs in the industry. Drug Intervention, Drug Detox & Substance Abuse Treatment. Addiction Intervention For Heroin Addiction & More. Drug Treatment In Arizona.


Located on the outskirts of the Prescott National Forest in the Bradshaw Mountains of Arizona, Reflections Recovery Center offers residential and intensive outpatient treatment for young men struggling with addiction. Clients participate in traditional, holistic, and recreational therapy with access to medical care as well as treatment addressing co-occurring mental health disorders. Detoxification services are provided on-site. The facility’s website indicates that a majority of clients are under 35 years old and many are in treatment for heroin addiction.


Before beginning medical or social detox for five days or moving directly into a 90- to 120-day rehab program, each client undergoes a psychiatric and physical examination. Treatment plans are personalized to fit each man’s needs, circumstances, and preferences, and specialized LGBTQ care is available.

Building on a 12-step foundation, an array evidence-based treatment modalities are utilized. These include motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral and dialectical behavior therapies, emotional transformation therapy, and trauma-informed care such as experiential trauma therapy and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing.

Clients practice reiki or yoga and participate in outdoor activities for physical and psychological recovery, taking advantage of the lakes, hiking trails, lakes, and other natural features nearby. The facility’s website also lists BMXing and skateboarding as part of the program’s therapeutic recreation.

Family involvement in the recovery process is highly encouraged and accessible through communication with a special family liaison and attending workshops during a family weekend. Extensive aftercare services are also offered for clients, from ongoing sober living residence and drug testing to individual and group counseling and assistance with vocational transitions.


According to information provided to by the facility, the staff-to-client ratio at Reflections Recovery Center is 1:7. The treatment team includes a naturopathic doctor, licensed counselors and behavioral health technicians, and master’s level therapists.


The center operates two buildings within blocks of each other in Prescott. Clients from outside the Phoenix area reside in a 32-bed facility and are transported to treatments at the Recovery office center a few blocks away. The properties are secured and private and all furnishings, linens, and food are provided. No smoking is allowed on campus, but non-wifi electronic devices are.


At the time of this writing, has received survey responses from one alum, Andrew, who also indicated he was a staff member. Most metrics measured revealed strong satisfaction with the program and its staff, including ratings of four and five out of five stars for the staff’s experience and loyalty, privacy at the facility, and the cost of treatment. He identified integrity as a strength and communication as a weakness.

Secondary review websites also yielded overwhelmingly positive feedback, with average ratings of 4.6 out of five stars based on 11 Google reviews and only one out of 48 Facebook reviews offering any criticism.[1] Facility staff manage the official Reflections Recovery Center page and may monitor published reviews.

Of seven Google reviews written by alumni (one of which duplicates Andrew’s review on, all are positive with the caveat that one replaced a previous one-star review after the alum changed his perspective. Three reviewers mentioned success at Reflections after prior attempts at rehab and four identified “tools” for ongoing recovery learned as program strengths. Most reviews were followed by responses from a facility staff member.[2]


In addition to Andrew’s review, three additional employees submitted very positive reviews to The two polled on the quality of accommodations, opportunities for family participation, availability of choices in counseling approaches, and affordability of treatment gave perfect five-star ratings for each. One, Kristen, who also identified as a former client’s loved one, highlighted the family program as a strength.


Treatment costs $500 per day, or $11,500 for the first month and $7,000 for each subsequent month, according to information provided by the facility. A 90-day stay costs $25,500. Reflections Recovery Center accepts several private insurance policies and partners with lending partners to assist clients who pay out-of-pocket.



Reflections Recovery Center Reviews

Having completed the program on two separate occasions I can say Reflections recovery process is a matrix of treatment that gives me the best opportunity for success in my recovery. They combine education of addiction, group therapy, individual therapy, introduction to different 12-step programs and most important they stress community and show one how to enjoy life outside of active use. They address and educate one on the core reasons behind my addiction. The four month program is a step program back into being a solid, functional adult.. My family, loved one and I truly appreciate the entire staffs efforts.
I was sent there by friends and family. They will not return any of my items that I had mailed there for my personal use. The manager is holding my personal items hostage do to a billing dispute I had nothing to do with personally. He has been very unprofessional in getting the situation resolved and refuses to return my property. My girlfriend spent a lot of money on postage and they can't even return it to the sender for me. I have them on tape saying they would send my items and have been getting the run around for months. The manager refuses to return my personal belongings! The stress is causing me to have a breakdown which is what brought me there in the first place! I don't wanna relapse over this nonsense that has nothing to do with me. I had no choice in the rehab I was going to so stealing my clothes is really disappointing. I hope to get this issue resolved in a timely manner but the manager keeps giving me the run around.
It worked for my son and he has been sober for 18 months. Unknown except it worked for my son. The 12 step meetings worked. employee turnaround.
The family program that this facility has initiated truly helps the clients and their families understand their illness. Also, Reflections Recovery Center helps their clients reacclimatize themselves back into society with work, school, or volunteering in the community. This really helps individuals participate in more than just treatment while they are getting help but also learn how to process everyday life while in treatment. Their adventure therapy programs that they get men involved in on weekends is also great for keeping men engaged in treatment. I cannot say how much this program truly helps men learn how to be better men and understand and work through their disease in a male supportive enviornment. I've yet to witness an area that I see as a weakness to this program. I would love to see this program exist in other states! This is a facility that I would recommend to anyone seeking treatment for a male. There is a lot to be said about gender specific treatment and the ability to focus on oneself versus the inability to truly be oneself amongst the opposite sex present. Although gender specific, this program acknowledges the issues that arise in addiction with the opposite sex such as love, sex, and addiction therapy from a male and female perspective which is amazing. It's also great that their clients are allowed to partake in adventure therapy, work, attend classes at the local college, or volunteer. The amount of peer support that this community has is driven by the support that they see from the licensed mastered leveled clinicians here. Highly impressed! Multifaceted treatment!
Amazing and caring staff. Individualized care. Wonderful facility for adult men