Native American Connections – Behavioral Health

Native American Connections – Behavioral Health


Since 1972, Native American Connections (NAC), Inc. has provided culturally appropriate mental health and substance abuse treatment, affordable housing, and community services to Native Americans in the Phoenix, Ariz., area. Along with providing intensive outpatient programs (IOP), the non-profit organization operates a 70-bed residential treatment facility for adults struggling with substance use and co-occurring disorders. The treatment center can treat and accommodate pregnant women and women with young children. Medical detox is not available on-site.


According to the facility’s website, to be admitted into the residential program, potential clients can be referred from another agency, make an individual appointment, or attend an intake session on weekday mornings.

Clients may participate in an initial assessment to determine specific client needs. Typically, residential treatment lasts 45 days, however the length of the program varies for each person and is determined by the progress of each client.

Programming is holistic in nature, aiming to heal the mind, body, and spirit, and the facility integrates Native American culture and spirituality into evidence-based practices. For instance, group therapy is held in the form of Talking Circles, in which residents sit in a circle to process various topics of addiction and freely express concerns.

Treatment also includes sweat lodge sessions, smudging, songs and drumming, Red Road teachings, Native crafts, storytelling, and cultural presentations. The facility also hold on-site 12-Step meetings.

Along with core programming, clients prepare for discharge by attending on-site life skills classes and participating in workforce development activities. Once a client completes residential treatment, they may be encouraged to utilize the intensive outpatient program (IOP) as an aftercare continuum of care.

IOP lasts eight weeks and involves individual, family and group counseling, educational classes, and case management. In addition, NAC provides transitional housing for homeless women. Residents must be enrolled in IOP during their stay, as well as participate in cultural activities and in-house support group.


The center’s website indicates Native American Connections’ treatment team includes licensed professional counselors and licensed social workers. Some program alumni return as staff members to serve as behavioral health technicians or recovery coaches.

Both individuals surveyed by at the time of this writing indicated they liked the treatment center’s staff.


The facility’s website indicates Patina Wellness Center consists of 70 beds. Clients share simple double-occupancy bedrooms, while mothers with children stay in private bedrooms. On-site childcare is available for mothers during program sessions. The facility features comfortable communal areas and an on-site fitness center, where clients may participate in Tai Chi and guided yoga sessions. Meals are freshly-prepared each day on-site.


The two alumni polled by at the time of this writing provided mostly positive feedback. One alum gave three out of five stars when asked if they would recommend the treatment center and for treatment facility. “Had a very good counselor,” they wrote. However, they noted they had too “much free time.”

The other alum gave five stars for treatment effectiveness, and indicated they would recommend the treatment center to friends and family.”It didnt cost me anything out of pocket but i am still clean,” they wrote.

To date, the 45 people who left reviews on the center’s Facebook page, which the treatment center has the ability to manage, provided an average 4.6 out of five stars.[1]

Multiple people credited the center with saving their lives. “I owe my life to all the awesome staff at NAC,” Cheryl wrote in a representative review. “Keep up the great work!! U r all changing lives. I will never forget what u did for me n my whole family!

Only two individuals provided one star reviews on Facebook.

WHAT STAFF SAY has yet to receive any reviews from this facility’s staff members or former employees. However, the 20 people who left reviews on Indeed at the time of this writing provided an average 3.5 out of five stars. [2]

Many reviewers cited coworkers and work environment as facility strengths. “My coworkers ar always helpful, the team dynamics are great; they make the job tasks ran smoothly. the hardest part of the job is to turn someone away because they donot have ahcccs,” an employee wrote. “The most enjoyable part of the job is at the end of the day knowing that i have helped someone on the path of sobriety.”


There is currently no information provided on the facility’s website or otherwise regarding its costs. However, one alum indicated they had no out of pocket costs, which suggests the treatment center accepts insurances.


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  • Had a very good counselor. To much free time. I really don't know, my first time so I don't know bout all that.