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Eleventh Hour


Established in 1988, Eleventh Hour is a family-owned and operated substance abuse rehabilitation facility that offers short-term, intensive outpatient and day treatment services in the Fresno-Clovis area. Founded by a mother and daughter team, Eleventh Hour addresses the need for affordable addiction treatment options in the San Joaquin Valley.


Eleventh Hour provides highly structured and comprehensive treatment programs. These programs include education, recovery planning, individual and group therapies, and support for 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

Clients begin the admission process by completing paperwork and providing a health history. This stage, which involves insurance verification, typically takes one to one and a half hours.

The day treatment program at Eleventh Hour is the most intense, meeting Monday through Friday for six hours a day over a period of five weeks. A weekly family group session is also included in this program. The intensive outpatient programs (IOP) last for nine weeks, meeting three days a week for three hours each, either in the morning or evening. Both programs incorporate process groups and chemical dependency education to help clients gain a better understanding of their addiction.

In the day program, participants are required to attend three AA or NA meetings per week, while the IOP also integrates a 12-step model. The overall treatment goals for all clients are the development of a relapse prevention plan, coping skills, and self-discovery, with an emphasis on identifying and healthily expressing emotions.

Once clients have successfully completed a phase of treatment at Eleventh Hour, they have access to aftercare peer support groups for six months. The aftercare seminars cover various topics, including nutrition, money management, relationships, and motivation. Family involvement is encouraged at all stages of treatment.


According to the Eleventh Hour website, the facility maintains a 3:1 staff-to-client ratio. The founding owner is a licensed clinical social worker, and both the owner and her daughter are certified alcohol and drug counselors.


Limited information is provided about the program’s outpatient accommodations. However, the official Facebook page displays photos of clean, simply furnished group meeting rooms.


Currently, Best-rehabs.com has not received any reviews from alumni. However, on the facility’s Yelp page, it has an overall rating of five out of five stars based on five total reviews. Reviewers on Yelp have given the facility positive reviews. Alum J.R., who gave five stars, expressed gratitude for the facility, stating, “They saved my life. I will be forever grateful. It’s been almost a year since I graduated from the program and I am in a good place.” The other reviews on Yelp were not created by alumni.


At the time of this writing, Best-rehabs.com has only received one review from a friend or family member. The loved one gave the facility a positive review, rating it five out of five stars for treatment effectiveness, accommodations and amenities, and meals and nutrition. They strongly agreed that the facility staff were experienced and well-trained, that there were multiple counseling options available, depending on the client’s preference, and that they would recommend the facility to others considering rehab. The loved one noted the facility’s great staff as a strength but suggested improvement in terms of its location in a small metro area.


Best-rehabs.com has received one staff review from a current employee, R.C., who has worked at the facility for over 10 years. R.C. provided a very positive review of the facility. They rated five out of five stars for the credentials and experience of the medical staff, the willingness of the facility to prioritize patients’ interests, and the overall quality of patient treatment and care.


According to the facility’s website, Eleventh Hour does not accept Medicare and Medi-Cal. However, they do accept most private insurance plans and major credit cards. The facility is also willing to work with clients to set up a payment plan if necessary. Additionally, individuals who have completed one phase of treatment at Eleventh Hour receive free weekly aftercare for six months.

Eleventh Hour Reviews

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  • Great staff. in a smaller metro area. The staff is very personable and experienced. Would def reccomend.
    We have been in business over 27 years and are family owned and operated.