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McIntyre House offers an extensive and challenging recovery program for men suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. The house, a 5000 square foot home located near Hollywood, California, provides a home-like setting where men can help each other and be held accountable for their recovery. With one-on-one sessions, house meetings, focus groups, active 12-step participation and a supportive environment, McIntyre House moves clients through each step of the recovery phase and towards a healthy and happy life of sobriety.


Located in a townhouse in Los Angeles, Calif., McIntyre House is a residential substance abuse treatment center for adult men. The center operates as a nonprofit organization, and the program is firmly rooted in 12-step principles.


According to the facility’s website, treatment is long-term; participants may remain on-site for up to 12 months. During this time, clients work through a structured program designed to promote lasting sobriety.

Activities include individual counseling, educational groups, and house meetings. Clients also attend 12-step meetings and benefit from the local support group. If needed, clients may access additional services through McIntyre House’s connections with employment, mental health, and social service agencies.


The facility’s website notes the McIntyre House employs a small staff of administrative personnel. The center is governed by a board of directors that includes a medical doctor and several faith leaders.


McIntyre House’s website indicates accommodations in the 5,000-square-foot home are simple and clean. Residents share double and triple occupancy rooms and have access to laundry facilities.

There is a shared living room with a TV, plus outdoor weight-training equipment, a recovery garden, on-site computers, and Internet access. All residents receive three meals per day, including a family-style dinner.


The sole alum surveyed by at the time of this writing provided positive feedback. M.O. gave five out of five stars for a number of categories, including treatment effectiveness, accommodations and amenities, and the alum indicated they would recommend McIntyre House. “Saved my life,” M.O. wrote.

Of the three individual who left Yelp reviews for the center, two left five out of five star reviews, while the other alum left a one star review.[1]

To date, the six people who left Google Reviews for the treatment center provided a 2.8 out of five star average. The only person who left commentary was David, who wrote: “Substance abuse treatment.”[2]


According to the facility’s website, “no man is turned away due to a lack of funds.” Scholarships and sliding scale fees may be available to qualified candidates.


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