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Jefferson Hills Inc


Jefferson Hills, Inc., located in Lakewood, Co., is residential program centered on the treatment of emotionally and behaviorally challenged youth. The facility offers inpatient programming, crisis stabilization, staff secure residential, and day treatment programs. The programs focus primarily on strengthening children, youth, and families through evidence-based practices and data informed services.


A health and clinical screening is offered be 24/7, 365 days a year for any child or adolescent undergoing a self-identified crisis. As part of the Colorado Crisis Services system, Jefferson Hills provides a Child/Youth Crisis Stabilization Unit at each of its sites for children or youth aged five to 21. It is one of only 144 centers in Colorado (about 35 percent) to offer treatment specifically to adolescents.

The residential program includes treatment from a multidisciplinary team, and involves parents and guardians. According to the web site, Jefferson Hills taps into the youth’s strengths to develop a plan that includes individual and family therapy, group therapy, psychiatric assessment, medication management, and medical services for routine and emergent care.

As it pertains to youth, an on-campus school approved by the Colorado Department of Education provides all education and assessment services. Students work toward obtaining their diploma or GED. Special education services are provided as well.


Jefferson Hills offers psychiatric services and nursing care, as well as licensed therapists, counselors, certified teachers, and aides. There is little additional information about the staff at Jefferson Hills, however, it holds COA Accreditation, AdvanceED (North Central) Accreditation, and the facility school is approved by the Colorado Department of Education.


Specific information about residential accommodations is not available on its web site aside from the fact that it has at least 50 beds, however, photos show a ranch-style building located on a lush green campus with an abundance of foliage. Jefferson Hills also offers experiential programming such as Outward Bound, equine therapy, and a ROPES course.


To date, no alumni have submitted reviews to

On Google, 21 reviewers offered negative reviews averaging just 1.7 stars overall.[1] Reviewers’ complaints range from the dilapidation of the building to the blandness of the food served there. Being that the alums are typically youth, few commented, however, one wrote, “I was stuck here after I had major suicidal and homicidal thoughts. This facility was terrible.” It should be noted that these reviews encompass all Jefferson Hills facilities, not just Lakewood.

On Facebook, four reviewers rated the facility 3.8 stars.[2] However, the sole commenter wrote, “It’s not a safe place. I hope they close this place down.”


At time of writing, only one loved one left feedback for Jefferson Hills Inc. Though the loved one left high ratings for individual metrics, such as family participation, safety and comfort, and the staff’s level of training and experience, their commentary suggested they were displeased with the facility’s cost, which they gave only one star.

Many parents wrote comments on Google, majority of them incredibly negative and filled with accusations of abusive staff and a severe lack of amenities. One parent wrote, “Parents do not let your child get sent here for step down! This is a poorly run and very dangerous facility.” Another echoed these sentiments, writing, “Jefferson Hills is possibly the worst institution to send your child to. Your child will not receive any help and will mainly be supervised by undereducated staff.”


To date, no staff have submitted reviews to

On Indeed, 35 reviewers rated the facility 2.7 stars.[3] Feelings were mixed. A majority of employees offered three stars with commentary about enjoying the work but disliking management and feeling overworked.

“Overall this is not a bad company to work for. Unfortunately the environment is one of self gain, instead of adults working together as a team to serve a greater purpose,” one reviewer wrote.


There is currently no information available on Jefferson Hills’ website regarding the cost of treatment.


The facility recently celebrated having served more than 5,000 at-risk youth in the area since its opening in 1993, according to its web site.

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