Recovery Outfitters, Inc.

Recovery Outfitters, Inc.


Recovery Outfitters Inc. (ROI) is a licensed addiction and drug rehab program in Cumming, Ga., located an hour north of Atlanta. The facility provides treatment specifically for young men between the ages of 15 and 28 through five separate programs designed to address the needs unique to young men. These include a residential treatment center, an accredited high school, transitional living, aftercare, and a relapse prevention program.

If necessary, ROI’s medical director works directly with each client, providing the necessary medication, primarily Naltrexone and Vivitrol, to treat opiate dependency and withdrawal, making it one of the only 55 (10.8 percent) centers in Georgia with this option.


The five-phase program begins with residential treatment. In this initial phase, young men learn to make better decisions, take part in essential, independent life skills training, and begin to discover some of their longer-term goals and aspirations. Family therapy and educational sessions are also held regularly for clients and their loved ones at this early stage in treatment. In addition, clients may participate in art therapy, a ropes course, meditation, and psychodrama.

Young men who have been previously unsuccessful in a traditional school setting have the opportunity to earn a diploma through the organization’s accredited Avner Bush Academy. Here, personalized instruction enables learning at a comfortable pace, and some classes have no more than five students in them. Per the organization’s webpage, a motivated student “can finish two years of work in one year and several courses in a few months.” Once a year, there’s a formal graduation with cap-and-gown, speeches, and a banquet to follow.

Serving clients well beyond their time in residential care, ROI offers additional support under three different avenues. First, through its C.A.R.E.S. (Creating a Recovery Environment for Success) program, a sober living residence for recent graduates of ROI House. To be eligible for C.A.R.E.S., young men must have at least 90 days in sobriety, be either employed or in school, and have completed the first five steps of the 12-Step.

Once they’ve completed both ROI House and C.A.R.E.S., young men move on to aftercare. In this fourth stage, they’ll continue attending weekly group therapy and make any adjustments to their independent living plans. Finally, the Alumni Relapse Prevention Program (ARPP) works with program graduates aged 21 and older who have “demonstrated an ability to maintain sobriety for periods of a year or more while living in their own community.”


ROI boasts a large multidisciplinary staff covering clinical, medical, and administrative areas. A board-certified medical doctor, a registered nurse, and a certified addiction counselor who is also an art therapist provide treatment. In Georgia, 98.3 percent of all substance abuse treatment facilities have continuing education requirements for staff, and the single individual polled by to date provided a four out of five-star rating for the staff’s level of training and experience.


ROI House is a home-like, non-clinical residence that can accommodate up to 16 clients. The facility has no front-desk receptionist, or a security guard, but rather offers “just a friendly greeting from whomever is nearest the door.” ROI House is set on a wooded, eight-acre property and overlooks Jordan Pond, where weather permitting, clients may go fishing and canoeing.


Loved one T.C., the sole survey respondent to date, provided five stars for the level of family participation and cited “Excellent staff and family involvement” as facility strengths. Despite giving mediocre three-star ratings for treatment effectiveness and counseling options, T.C. indicated that she would recommend the treatment program to others, and referred to Recovery Outfitters, Inc. as a “great program for young men that puts emphasis on education.”

On Facebook, the organization fared extremely well, receiving a near-perfect rating of 4.8 out of five stars from 53 reviewers to date.[1] “No place like it!!!!” wrote former client Brian in a representative statement. “I’ve benefited so much from roi in all (areas) of my life!!!!”

On Google, contrastingly, two users gave the facility polarizing reviews.[2] One individual provided a five-star rating, self-identified as a staff member, and praised the center’s low costs and individualized treatment programming. The other reviewer anonymous gave just one star, and listed inconsistency in rules and medications as problems with the facility. “The staff are all mostly sweet people but they are all chaotic in their own ways,” the individual added.


There is currently no information provided on the organization’s webpage regarding its treatment costs, though the single individual polled by to date provided four stars for the center’s affordability.


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  • strength:Excellent staff and family involvement. Weakness:None known It's a great program for young men that puts emphasis on education.