Breakthrough Recovery Outreach

Breakthrough Recovery Outreach


Located in Atlanta, Ga., Breakthrough Recovery Outreach offers residential treatment to people living in the Metro-Atlanta area who are suffering from substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders. There are several programs focused on short-term and long-term treatments, as well as services for teens and sober living. The center has sober living houses, an outpatient program, and intensive outpatient programs (IOP).


According to Breakthrough Recovery Outreach’s website, the center uses a holistic approach and the programs are based on the 12-step principles. The first step in the treatment is an initial assessment. The assessment uses a mixed methods approach to identify each client’s needs. The results of the assessment are used to develop a treatment plan for each client. The assessment will help determine what program is best suited for the patient. The center has a 90-day residential program, 28 day residential program, adolescent program, and sober living program.

The programs are designed so the residents can recover, improve their wellbeing, and achieve sobriety. During the residential programs, clients participate in therapy groups and different technique groups such as guided meditation, yoga, music and art therapy, massage therapy, reflexology, acupuncture, and qigong meditation.

Breakthrough Recovery Outreach views treatment as a multi-phased process. The Red Phase lasts through the first 45 days, and is an adjustment period for adjusting to the recovery process and sober living. The Yellow (second) phase lasts the next 45 days where clients focus on and make major improvements in their recovery. The Green (third) phase lasts the next 90 days and covers the period where new sober living skills begin being used to change client’s lives. An additional fourth phase follows and involves aftercare and sobriety maintenance. These phases guide Breakthrough Recovery Outreach’s programs

Clients are assigned to specific programs based on their needs. The 28 day program is typically for someone who has been sober, but had a brief relapse. Clients can also be assigned to the extended 90-day program to address more complex conditions. The adolescent program is designed for teens and includes individual and family therapy, medication management, and 12-step meetings. Breakthrough Recovery Outreach’s Sober Living Program provides a safe, clean, structured living environment while clients are transitioning to full independent living.

It’s for people who have a minimum of 90 days of recovery and are committed to remaining sober. Residents are expected to go to work or school, attend 12-step meetings, submit random drug screens, have a sponsor, and follow house rules.

Breakthrough Recovery Outreach also has an IOP program that meets three days a week for three hours. Treatment includes group, individual, and family therapy. The IOP program is effective for transitioning clients out of residential programs and back into the community.


According to the center’s website, the treatment team includes counselors, a psychiatrist, a nurse, a nutritionist, a career coach, a career therapist, a music therapist, family therapist, and a massage therapist. Staff members are licensed and accredited appropriately for their respective fields.


The center’s website indicates residents live in apartments with roommates. However, other information regarding living conditions is limited.


At the time of this writing, has not received any reviews from alumni of Breakthrough Recovery Center.

On Facebook, the facility earned 4.3 out of five stars from 24 reviews to date.[1] Most of the reviewers praised the staff and the level of supervision, though some of the negative reviewers disagreed. In a representative review, alum Jimmy wrote: “It’s most definitely life changing and to be honest it really help me in so many ways by finding a new perspective on things pertaining to my life besides I know here it’s all about the people and helping them too find new ways of living and this I know thanks for everything that I learned during my time or process here.”


The one loved one surveyed by at the time of this writing gave a generally positive review. They gave the center four out of five stars when asked if they would recommend treatment at Breakthrough Recovery Outreach to others.

They also gave Breakthrough Recovery Outreach five out of five stars for its counseling options. The loved one wrote: “Straightforward tough love!” However, the loved one gave the facility only one out of five stars for its holistic offerings and two out of five stars for its family participation and its affordability.


At the time of this writing, has not received any staff feedback about the facility. However, the three staff members who left reviews at at the time of this writing left mostly positive reviews, giving the facility 3.3 out of five stars. [2]

All of the staff members wrote that they liked working at Breakthrough Recovery Outreach. One person wrote: “I greatly enjoyed working at Breakthrough. They are very dedicated to their clients and collectively work to give them what they need.”


According to the center’s website, Breakthrough Recovery Outreach accepts most insurances including Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Humana.


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  • Good faculity. Cost prohibitive. Straightforward tough love!