Recovery Living Spirit Center Villa Vista

Recovery Living Spirit Center Villa Vista Woodstock Illinois

SPIRIT Center is a residential facility for persons recovering from addictions to transition into independent and healthy living after committing to clean living. We guide the newly sober back into the community. We do this through mentorship, through safe and respectful living environments, through accountability, through simple living etiquette guidelines, through the demonstration of integrity filled service.


Located in the historic town of Woodstock, Ill., Spirit Center Villa Vista provides a highly structured sober living community dedicated to helping men aged 35 and older seeking addiction recovery. One of two accredited recovery homes in Woodstock, the nonprofit’s unique living recovery program aims to reintegrate its clients back into their respective communities. Detox services are not available here.


Clients may have free phone consultations with certified interventionists prior to admission. Prospective clients begin with a multi-stage group interview process (clients often come directly from intensive inpatient programs). If accepted, men move into the transitional community where they are introduced to a set of sober living guidelines. Recognizing that “recovery doesn’t happen magically in a program,” the center takes a long-term approach in promoting values of accountability and responsibility, offering mentorship, spiritual awakening, and a strong, secure, trust-filled environment.

Programming follows a traditional 12-step model, with meetings held on-site. Residents can expect to partake in seminars, educational programs, 12-step meetings (held at the center multiple times per week), and various events held throughout the community. Personal skills development also makes up a part of the program’s curriculum.


The center was founded in 2012 by a couple who had both previously struggled with addiction and have since accumulated over 40 years of combined 12-step experience. The founders continue to live in the community and offer around-the-clock support and mentoring to their clients. The single alum polled at the time of this review rated staff’s level of experience and training five out of five stars.


Housing no more than 10 men at a time, the center is located within walking distance to local intensive outpatient programs (IOP) in the local area. The center is tobacco-free. Cleanliness and accommodations each received five out of five stars, according to the one alum polled by at the time of this survey.


The limited reviews available at the time of this writing suggested that clients are typically happy with their treatment. Reporting to, former client Clint gave his overall experience five out of five stars adding: “The quality of care is evident in the witnessing of my personal growth.” He also gave high marks for the center’s exercise and holistic opportunities, yet lower marks for its quality of meals. David, another alum, offered similar praise: “Excellent Approach to recovery. Kept very simple but very clear.”

On Google, the center received an excellent rating of 4.4 out of five stars from five individuals at the time of this writing.[1] Supporting the positive recovery experiences noted above, these Google reviewers expressed their gratitude for learning “invaluable” life tools, for being given the chance “to create a new life,” and for having been “a part of a community that instilled value within through 12 step evaluated living.”


The center does not accept insurance, nor does it state costs of treatment or stay.

Updated May 2017


Reviews about Recovery Living Spirit Center Villa Vista

  • Meals & Nutrition
We r responsible for our personal nutrition.
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  • Meals & Nutrition
Introduction to live life happy joyous and free with honorable decision making for self and those around me. The emergency house meetings brought clarity of community recognition to value in action. Some examples of what not to do in the context of wellness - discernment examples. The quality of care is evident in the witnessing of my personal growth.
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  • Accommodations & Amenities
Very Strong Recovery Facility Guided By Expert Recovered Addicts - Their website explains much from the awakened side of recovery. Excellent Approach to recovery. Kept very simple but very clear.