Little Company of Mary Hospital and Health Care Centers – Behavioral Health

Little Company of Mary Hospital and Health Care Centers – Behavioral Health


Located in Evergreen Park, III., a suburb of Chicago, Little Company of Mary Hospital and Health Care Centers’ Behavioral Health unit provides a full continuum of treatment programs for adults struggling with psychiatric disorders, chemical dependency, or co-occurring disorders. The behavioral health unit offers short-term inpatient treatment, a partial hospitalization program (PHP), and an intensive outpatient program (IOP). In addition, the facility provides crisis intervention and stabilization services, which may include medically monitored detoxification.


Upon admission, patients undergo an initial psychiatric and/or substance assessment to identify specific patient needs and determine an appropriate level of care. If a patient requires a crisis intervention, supervision, and 24-hour access to medical attention to acquire stability, they may be admitted into Little Company of Mary Hospital and Health Care Centers’ inpatient program. The facility’s website states: “Appointments are available almost immediately, 24/7, to help address any crisis in life.” Inpatient care in a hospital-based program is typically designed to quickly stabilize the patient and refer them to a less-intensive level of care.

To stabilize individuals struggling with a primary psychiatric concern or co-occurring disorder, Little Company of Mary Hospital may combine a highly structured schedule of counseling sessions, educational classes, life skills training, and therapeutic recreation with pharmacological intervention and ongoing medication management. Patients with a primary substance abuse disorder may attend counseling sessions designed to teach relapse prevention techniques, improve coping skills, and address any underlying issues that may contribute to addictive behavior. Patients may also be introduced to the principles and practices of community-based support fellowships, such as 12-Step.

Once a patient is stable, clinicians may encourage the individual to “step-down” to one of Little Company of Mary Hospital’s outpatient-based programs (PHP or IOP). According to the facility’s website, outpatient programs are designed to “provide further stabilization, education and promote long-term recovery.” These programs may involve group, individual, and family counseling sessions, as well as educational classes and ongoing medication management, if applicable.

Before program completion, case managers may give referrals and linkages to community-based resources to provide patients with ongoing support. Case management may include referrals to supportive housing, vocational training opportunities, and self-help support groups.


According to the facility’s website, the behavioral unit is run by a team of “behavioral health experts,” which may include psychiatrists, mental health and substance abuse counselors, psychiatric nurses, social workers, and case managers.


There is currently no information provided by the facility regarding its living arrangements and related offerings. However, the two individuals polled by at the time of this writing gave a three-star and perfect five-star rating for the facility’s overall cleanliness and upkeep.


The one alum polled by felt the facility’s intensive outpatient program was too short to be highly effective. “I was in a 30 day outpatient program…too short…not enough time to keep people sober no matter what your poison,” the alum wrote. However, the anonymous alum gave four-star ratings for the facility’s counseling options and the staff’s level of experience and training.


The sole loved one who responded to the survey gave moderate three-star ratings for most survey metrics, including the facility’s discharge planning, its ability to treat co-occurring disorders, and the level of family participation. However, the loved one gave a higher four-star rating for the facility’s counseling options. “Good counciling,” the loved one wrote.


Little Company of Mary Hospital and Health Care Centers accepts most major insurance providers, including Aetna, Humana, United Healthcare, and Cigna. The facilty also accepts Medicare and Medicare; however, both individuals polled by cited the facility’s high cost as its weakness.

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    i was in a 30 day outpatient program...too short..not enough time to keep people sober no matter what your poison is too exspensive for what you get.