Carol M. Porto Treatment Center

Carol M. Porto Treatment Center


Located in a wooded area of southern Maryland, outside the small town of Prince Frederick, Md. the Carol M. Porto Treatment Center is one of Maryland’s 205 private for-profit treatment facilities. It offers residential and outpatient programs for adult men and women who are seeking treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. The center also works with courts to provide DUI-related treatment and other services for local offenders. Detox services are not offered on-site.


The Carol M. Porto Treatment Center has an unlimited stay residential program where clients stay as long as they need to with a minimum of 28-days and no upper limit. Outpatient services are also available on an as-needed basis, which are often used as a step-down method of treatment.

The facility uses work-therapy to help clients stay active and continue to work while still receiving treatment and living support. An individual polled by indicated that the program also included excellent family participation and treatment for co-occurring disorders, good counseling options, and mediocre holistic offerings.

Suboxone/buprenorphine services are available to both residential and outpatient clients, which is paired with counseling services at the facility. The Carol M. Porto Treatment Center is one of the 25.6% of facilities nationwide that offer Suboxone treatments. This center’s Suboxone clients typically receive it for three years before weaning off.


The center’s primary counselors are educated to master’s level and certified or licensed in treating mental health and substance use disorders. The single individual polled by to date gave the center five out of five stars for its staff’s level of training and experience.


Pictures published on the facility’s website show an attractive clapboard home with an exercise room and a chapel. The facility is simply furnished to create a relaxing and professional atmosphere. The meeting room has open views from large windows. There is also a small kitchen on-site. The single individual polled by to date gave the center five out of five stars for its cleanliness and its accommodations and four stars for its meals and its exercise and leisure offerings.

WHAT ALUMNI SAY has not yet received any reviews directly from alumni of this facility, and secondary sites yielded limited but positive feedback at the time of this writing. On Google, there are two four out of five star reviews and one five star review with no accompanying commentary.[1]


The single loved one polled by to date would strongly recommend Carol M. Porto Treatment Center. “Leaders were good,” the anonymous reviewer wrote, giving the center five out of five stars for its family participation and its treatment for co-occurring disorders, four stars for its treatment effectiveness and its counseling options, and three stars for its holistic offerings.


The Carlo M. Porto Treatment Center accepts the majority of private insurance plans. The single individual polled by to date gave the center five out of five stars for its affordability.

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