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Gosnold on Cape Cod Falmouth Massachusetts

For over 40 years, Gosnold has been providing services to individuals and families affected by addiction. We recognize addiction as a chronic disease that necessitates lifelong care and management. Our comprehensive range of inpatient and outpatient programs allows us to offer treatment to individuals at all stages of the illness, and our Reaching Out family program provides hope and support to families. Our dedicated and compassionate staff, utilizing evidence-based practices, can assist patients and family members in understanding and implementing the changes necessary for long-term recovery. At Gosnold, we support you throughout your journey to recovery.


Situated in Falmouth, Massachusetts, Gosnold on Cape Cod provides a full range of treatment services for adults struggling with substance abuse. We offer both inpatient and outpatient treatment options as well as gender-specific and specialized tracks for pregnant and postpartum women. Our facility also provides medically monitored detoxification services on-site.


Treatment duration varies, but typically inpatient clients remain on-site for three to five weeks, while those in specialized tracks stay for up to 10 weeks. All clients are introduced to the 12-Steps and can expect to participate in both individual and group therapy. Education is a key component of our program, as is holistic health and wellness. Clients receive guidance on physical fitness and nutrition, and are encouraged to partake in yoga and meditation. Whenever feasible, clients’ family members are involved in their loved one’s recovery. We offer weekly education sessions, family counseling, and continuing care options.


Gosnold on Cape Cod’s staff is overseen by a board of directors and is composed of physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and certified addiction counselors.


Our inpatient treatment program is located at Gosnold at Cataumet, a 40-bed treatment facility. While specific details regarding living quarters are not available, alumni, friends, and family members who were surveyed by Best-rehabs.com have given Gosnold on Cape Cod four-star ratings for accommodations, amenities, and meals.


Alumni who participated in the surveys conducted by Best-rehabs.com generally provided positive feedback about Gosnold on Cape Cod. When asked about their likelihood of recommending the facility to others, the 13 alumni surveyed gave an average rating of 4.54 out of 5. A.B. commented: “I have been to multiple inpatient rehabs in my state of Massachusetts and Gosnold is one of the best facilities in the state.”

Other aspects that received high ratings were the staff’s level of experience, which received 4.29 out of 5 stars, and family participation, which received 3.67 out of 5 stars. Earl described the staff as “professional,” and an anonymous alum remarked: “They were compassionate and have knowledge of what your going through.”

Holistic offerings received lower ratings, with an average of 2.38 out of 5 stars. Kristin described the program as “straightforward,” and Tracy referred to the counseling as “no frills.”


The large majority of friends and family members recommended treatment at Gosnold on Cape Cod. The 12 loved ones surveyed by Best-rehabs.com were particularly impressed with the staff’s level of experience and the facility’s counseling options, giving them ratings of 3.92 and 3.83, respectively. Kathleen stated in her review: “Gosnold set an excellent foundation for ongoing recovery success. Very dedicated and compassionate.”

Similar to alumni, loved ones gave lower ratings to the holistic offerings. The feedback on family participation was more mixed. While Kerry wrote: “I feel that the facility lacked in support provided to family members,” L.A.J., a spouse of a client, mentioned attending “helpful” family support groups. On average, this category received 3.73 out of 5 stars based on 11 responses.


The only staff member surveyed by Best-rehabs.com at the time of this writing, C.M.G., noted that the facility’s “programs have been well run for many years and have a good success ratio.” However, the reviewer added: “The downfall is that management is not truly in touch with the people who are front line caregivers.”


Although the rehab does not provide pricing information online, Gosnold on Cape Cod accepts most health insurances and managed plans.

Updated June 2016

Gosnold on Cape Cod Reviews

If you’re in trouble, go there, they will save your life. The RA’S & nurses are there right next to you. They are real!! They will tell you how it is they’re not full of shit in the toilet nicely bluntly trust and rely on them
Let me start off by saying this: Just because your loved one didn’t get it this time around is not the fault of this facility. They do their damndest & the staff care about the patients. Wasn’t even going to leave a review but I’m just blown away by the inaccurate criticisms by family members of former Gosnold patients. Top notch food, accommodations are a bit dated but nothing awful. Beautiful locations. Tranquil atmosphere & smoke breaks are allowed. I don’t know what else y’all want from a place. The IOP program was amazing & I had great aftercare. It took three tries but now I’m at nearly 3 years sober & it is all because of this facility.
I greatly benefited from my time at Gosnold this past spring and would like to share a little feedback if it might help others. The journey is tough, but I’ve been to two other programs and this time it finally made sense.
In a perverse way it works it was so bad I never want to go back and will hopefully stay sober. Food good medical care good but the patients run the facility and those in charge look the other way. Many clients have the choice between Gosnold and the street. Its better then being homeless
Very unprofessional. Run by people in "recovery," who don't seem to have the education needed to understand how the brain and nervous system work. Addicts are usually very selfish people, and without proper knowledge, may delve deeper into the world of "all about me." Self-focus is not what an addict needs. Dwelling on themselves is what took them down. Depression/anxiety/narcists/socialiopathetic disorders are selfish disorders. Those in recovery are still wrapped around their own issues and thus "helping," an addict to overcome their problem is unhealthy. They may sit and commensurate, but that is not what it takes to move an addict out of addiction. This facility is not a place for your loved one to move forward in my experience, they are making worse choices by being here.