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CleanSlate utilizes an evidence-based approach to addiction treatment, incorporating methods such as medication-assisted opioid dependence treatment and specialized psychiatric care for those struggling with co-occurring disorders. CleanSlate provides clients with Hepatitis-C and HIV assessments, offering specialized treatment for those who test positive for Hepatitis-C. Those struggling with alcoholism may receive medication-assisted Vivitrol treatment to counteract cravings and eliminate the intoxicative feelings associated with alcohol consumption.


CleanSlate Centers is a multistate network of treatment facilities that specialize in treating opioid addiction and other addictions through treatment utilizing medication-assisted treatment (MAT). Founded in 2009, CleanSlate now operates 38 locations across eight states and Washington, DC. This center, located in West Springfield, Mass., offers outpatient care for adults and seniors.


Treatment is carried out on an appointment basis. Depending on the client’s insurance, a referral from a primary care physician might be required before treatment can begin. Treatment begins with an intake appointment that includes a medical exam and a medical and drug abuse history, all of which is used to determine the most appropriate approach to treatment. Treatment typically starts the day after the intake appointment.

CleanSlate offers Suboxone and Vivitrol treatment for opioid dependency, and Vivitrol treatment for alcoholism. CleanSlate is one of only 48 treatment facilities (13.5 percent) in Massachusetts to provide outpatient-based, medical detoxification.

The organization also frequently treats clients with multiple addictions, including addictions to other substances. Although CleanSlate does not offer counseling services, all clients are required to attend counseling while receiving their medications through other facilities. Staff can refer clients to appropriate counseling services in the area.


Treatment programs are led by physicians who are licensed to prescribe Suboxone and other medications. According to the organization’s website, in 2012, CleanSlate became the first-ever recipient of the SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) Science and Service Award for office-based opioid treatment.


At the time of this writing, nine alumni polled by gave mixed reviews that skewed negative; two gave positive reviews, two gave neutral reviews, while five gave negative reviews.

Most negative reviewers cited the staff, in particular, as one of the facility’s major weaknesses. Even alumni who gave neutral or positive reviews highlighted CleanSlate’s poor prescription services, with many citing difficult time frames for pick-ups and frequent miscommunication.

Alum Christopher wrote: “I can’t be successful in a program that doesnt provide the needed levels of care and professionalism to stay on track with medication dosing, staying clean due to not having medication ever on time.” The facility responded to one critical review, citing legal difficulties and client overload as obstacles.

Feedback on secondary review sites was also mixed. On Google, 15 reviewers to date gave an average rating of 3.1 out of five stars. While several alumni echoed the criticisms of poor communication between staff and clients, the others felt that the program was fair and effective.

Ratings on CleanSlate’s Facebook page were slightly higher, with an average rating of 3.8 out of five stars based on 10 reviews from alumni. However, these reviews were not specific to the West Springfield, Mass., location. CleanSlate staff may manage reviews on the facility’s official Facebook page. The West Springfield facility received a single one-star review on Yelp in which the alum especially criticized the staff.


While has not received any feedback from staff members at the time of this writing, CleanSlate Centers as a whole organization received 16 reviews from employees on Glassdoor. With an average rating of 3.4 out of five stars, the reviewers repeatedly praised the organization’s mission. “The providers, for the most part, really are there to help patients get back on track,” wrote one anonymous current employee.


The centers accept Medicaid and Medicare as well as most private insurance policies, including Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, and United. Financial assistance covering less than 60 percent of the cost of treatment is available for qualifying clients. The organization pledges to establish payment plans if and when clients are unable to afford their copays.


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  • Relapse Prevention
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  • CleanSlate Centers – West Springfield Reviews

    I have been going to clean slate for 5yrs I have been clean for all but the first few weeks I started I have been going monthly for 2yrs never a problem but in the last few months I have noticed alot of staff turn over staff that was there for yrs has left Dr's are all different and I have some severe health issues and some meds were up and some other meds added well now in the last two months when I go I have noticed clinicians telling me I showed positive for methamphedamines I do not nor have I taken these things there accusing me of but they just simply say your positive so they take my monthlys away and put me back to every 2 weeks I have talked with many many patients in there that have had this happen to them. I spoke with my primary care Dr and he said its false positives and now because of all this stuff going on being accused of something I never took or will ever take I feel like I am being punished for this its like a kick in the stomach I have stayed clean and it makes you question the process I am not the only one this has happened to. I was told at a group meeting were not here to judge you or punish you only to help you well now 5yrs in there and clean I am questioning alot is it so they can now bill my insurance 2 times a month or what are they getting out of this its only one certain person that I see in there that is done this so I am questioning there motives if I took something illegal I would own it but I didn't so for every person that goes to clean slate in West Springfield clean slate that's had this problem with this stuff showing up I call false positives its very sad write in let them know I am not the only one this has happened to. Thanks
    Again like others have said prescription call ins to your pharmacy are never on time or sometimes late at night causing irratic trips to the pharmacy. The ware office is notorious for this and its very unprofessional!! New patients should seek other alternatives! This is not a very stable office
    I couldn't find one to review in Holyoke MA but judging by comments it's the same THING!!! Yes, they treat you are a convict. I been there for 3 years, every other 4 months it's a whole new staff. They make you pee in a cup, I never had a test that came back "dirty" in 3 years. They will also call you and have a woman watch you pee. They get so close to you it's weird.... VERY WEIRD. These people are not law enforcement, they should NOT be able to see you naked. They treat me, the same way they treat a junkie who goes in dirty every test. In fact, they treat you better!! If your clean all the time like me (I didn't go there because I was addicted to Dope or Pills, long story) they are always trying to "Catch me" it's highly annoying. NOW, I found out that a HNE no longer covers cleanslate, and cleanslate so I have bills up the roof. EVERY TIME THEY WATCH ME PEE IT COST ME 750$ I got to find a normal DR to just to give me a script and be done with it. They used to have 2 good Dr's who even told me "I should get out of there" now they have dummies. Also not everyone there is a Dr WHO SEE'S YOU BY THE WAY.
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    I have attended and been a patient of Clean Slate - West Springfield on and off for several years now. They are a good facility and I believe that most of the providers and employees truly do care about the wellbeing of their patients and the vast majority of employees are very caring and helpful. There aren't too many Suboxone (Buprenorphine) providers in Western Mass, but out of all the Suboxone (Buprenorphine) clinics in Western Mass, I would recommend Clean Slate above all others. The positive aspects include the friendliness and caring of the employees, helpfulness, cleanliness of facilities, safety, privacy protection, requirements for patients to attend therapy or some other form of treatment, and education about addiction. The negatives include the long wait times for appointments, difficulty to reach an employee by phone, some of their newer policies including semi-frequent "random" appointments make it difficult for patients that lack stable transportation and/or live far away from their offices when the patient needs to get there within 24 hours and having to have appointments every other week, despite being drug-free for a prolonged period of time. I wish they would bring back monthly appointments, or even every 3 weeks, for those patients who have been clean and doing well for 6+ months and/or have transportation issues. I also wish they would switch from urine drug screens to saliva drug screens, like the local methadone clinics use, as it would be easier for everyone involved, drastically speed up the wait times for appointments, and it would be impossible to try to alter or "fake" the test results. Overall, I would recommend Clean Slate to anyone who is struggling with opiate/heroin addiction and is considering Suboxone or Vivitrol treatment in Western Mass.
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  • This program has MANY PROBLEMS which really need to be addressed. As many others have experienced, it is VERY difficult to continue the program how it is supposed to work when my Suboxone are NEVER SENT OVER TO THE PHARMACY WHEN ONE PROVIDER SAYS THEY WILL BE. THIS CLEANSLATE CENTERS LOCATION IS SEVERELY LACKING PROFESSIONALISM, ACCOUNTABILITY, AND EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION. The automated phone system is horrible, how am I ever supposed to talk with a real person to fix the issues and get my script filled on time each visit?! I can't be successful in a program that doesnt provide the needed levels of care and professionalism to stay on track with medication dosing, staying clean due to not having medication ever on time. Major issues going on here. Now I will be travelling with family all weekend out of state without my medication because false promises have been made. And this isn't a one time deal kinda thing either, this situation or some other problem very similar seems to OCCUR EVERY WEEK that I visit their office. I have nothing good to say about this location, and they make it very hard to succeed by not providing the proper care. STAY AWAY! Find a reputable addiction treatment center elsewhere unless you just want to set yourself up for failure. Very disappointed with this program. Went on the website only to not even find a contact email address that I could message about these various issues. So overall, no way to contact employees when anything is needed or has to be fixed, never receive medication on time, the list goes on and on..
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  • OMG, the staff treats their patients like convicts. must be a bad place to work. a new staff member ever few months as well. when I stop going. they called me numerous times. its all about the money. seriously folks. they need to be closed down. the doctors that really where good, seem to leave quickly.
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  • I'm always waiting for my suboxone to send electronically sent over the doctor is so inconvenient !!!!!
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • I really enjoy this program. They have helped me stay clean for years now and everyone at the Greenfield location is great. My only complaint is the prescription system. My appointment was at 11am and here it is 4pm now and my script has not been sent to the pharmacy. If I call they just tell me it's waiting on a signature and will either be there later tonight or in the morning. It's quite annoying as I drive over an hour with an 8 month old baby. I don't have days to spend trying to get a single prescription. It was a lot easier when they would hand me my script to take to the pharmacy myself. I don't understand why they stopped doing it that way. I go monthly and come in for all my random appointments. I feel like those who are really doing good have to suffer because some people most likely abusing the program. It is not fair and I have gone a whole weekend without my suboxone because they told me my script would be sent over and it wasn't. This makes it really hard to stay clean. I wish they had a better policy in place about prescriptions. I take my meds the same time every day and this really messes with me.
    The place is all right but just as the first reviews says they do not care if you get your prescriptions I had an appointment at 4 o'clock and it is 8 o'clock I still didn't get a signature on my prescription they do not have a physician in the building at all or the prescriptions would be signed they have covering Physicians which means they send the prescriptions to a group of doctors and these doctors decide when they're going to sign them ...I hope cleanslate really changes this procedure and makes it better for people who are trying to make their lives better you should get your prescription at the time of your appointment this is the first place I've ever seen like this I really hope they fix this system for the sake of the patients that go there ... one way or another and these Physicians that sign these prescriptions very well know this it is why they're waiting list is never long you can get on a waiting list and wait 2 weeks and get in there ... as doctors they're supposed to care about their patients but I guess if they can't see what they look like they don't care
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    I have been satisfied with their treatment and most all staff is extremely supportive. Except, if you go on a Friday and there is a mistake with your prescription, especially if it's a long weekend, there is no one available to help. They close at 2 p.m. on Friday and you cannot get a human on the phone all weekend long. Their presciribng system is inefficient. I went on Friday, over a long hoiday weekend. My presciption was not at my pharmacy, I went after 2p.m. and thee're closed. So, I am expected to go 4 days without any suboxone. Does not sound effective.