High Point Treatment Center – Plymouth Campus

High Point Treatment Center – Plymouth Campus


Operated by the High Point Treatment Center, which provides mental health and addiction services to communities in Southeastern Massachusetts, the Plymouth Campus treats individuals with co-occurring psychological disorders and substance dependence. There are five levels of treatment: the inpatient psychiatric unit, a dual diagnosis unit, a detox unit, clinical stabilization services, and outpatient and community services.


The Plymouth Campus offers comprehensive assessment and evaluation services to determine which program is most appropriate for each client. Treatment therapies include individual, group, and expressive therapies; daily commitments to on-site 12-step groups; medication management; and family participation.

Those in the detox unit receive physician-directed nursing care, available around the clock, and attend daily Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings.

Through Plymouth Campus’ clinical stabilization services, clients participate in psychoeducational groups, lectures, and workshops on opioid overdose prevention. Topics also include relapse prevention and coping skills.

Outpatient services include group therapy, mental health and substance abuse counseling, psychiatric evaluations, family treatment, and medication management, usually with Suboxone.


High Point Treatment Center employs psychiatrists, physicians, registered nurses, registered practical nurses, licensed social workers, and mental health and substance abuse clinicians.


Clients of the clinical stabilization services reside at the facility’s Recovery Inn or Pathway Inn. According to photographs from its website, the Plymouth Campus is wooded, yet suburban, and aims to offer a peaceful environment for clients to focus on recovery.


At the time of this writing, Best-rehabs.com has received reviews from over 10 alumni, and their feedback of High Point Treatment Center’s Plymouth Campus was generally positive, though there were drawbacks. Results from a Best-rehabs.com survey of 10 alumni showed a 3.2-star average rating out of five for the program’s counseling options, but a lower average rating for its holistic offerings (1.3 stars).

The staff also received praise and earned 3.7 out of five stars from 10 alumni. One anonymous alum wrote that “everyone else there was very very kind and respectful that I can recall,” and alum Kim commented: “The staff was very initiative to each patient and the counselors we there daily which was nice and a lot of structure.” Another anonymous alum described the center as having “good people,” writing: “I am happy to be clean and sober and happy that the people in the facility helped me be a better parent and person thank you.”

The weaknesses mentioned by alumni included the facility’s lack of exercise (2.8 out of five stars), amenities, and good food. Reviewer S.T. also found the facility unhelpful due to its brevity, writing that it needed “more transistioal for people that are homeless or need more time to recover.”

On Google, the facility earned four of five stars from two reviews, though neither alumni provided written feedback.


A dozen loved ones submitted reviews of the Plymouth Campus to Best-rehabs.com at the time of this writing. They noted various weaknesses, although there wasn’t much consensus.

Program length and lack of structure was an issue for some, and one reviewer, Jean, mentioned the lack of “family-based therapy.” Family participation was given an average of three out of five stars from 10 loved ones. Donna wrote: “It would be more helpful if there were more step down programs or after care treatment.”

For cleanliness, 10 loved ones gave an average of 3.6 out of five stars for facility cleanliness. One of the anonymous reviewers described the center as “rundown.”

Loved ones gave staff experience an average of 3.7 out of five stars, and at least three survey respondents specifically highlighted the quality of the staff staff. “High Point's staff cared about their patients even during the difficult detox and communicated the patient's status when we weren't allowed to visit during that period,” an anonymous reviewer wrote.


Best-rehabs.com has received only two reviews from current and former employees. The reviews were polarized, with one staff member offering one out of five stars for experience of staff members, loyalty of patients, and protocols; however, the other staff member gave four out of five stars for the same categories.

Michael, a medical staff member, expressed that there weren’t “enough beds,” but wrote: “The staff nurses were wonderful.” The other reviewer cited 15 licensed medical professionals on staff at the facility, and indicated that the management puts patient interests first.


High Point Treatment Center does not publish its fees online, but according to its website, it accepts Medicaid and most commercial insurances. There are also some beds funded by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health for the uninsured.

Updated April 2017

High Point Treatment Center – Plymouth Campus Reviews

Ive been trying to get into Plymouth detox for 2 weeks now calling everyday faithfully every 45 mins, somehow my name was never logged in the computer on the waiting list. Theyve overlooked me for whatever reason giving beds to others that just called...I'm going to keep calling I had to call the director to get in.. All lives matter huh??? Yea right, not in this situation.. I want to live like everyone else.
I'm an addict that was looking for treatment and found myself at Hipoint . I checked in on a Tuesday afternoon and was pretty much thrown out on the streets by that same Thursday . just to be clear I went there desperately needing help because I'm an heroin addict... long story short I left there very upset and worse off then when I arrived. the staff was 98 % rude about the whole thing. I went there a broken man and desperate for help and ended right back on the streets. this place is terrible and I don't wish it upon any addict that truly needs help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They are very quick to get someone in need into the program. Not enough after care or step down programs, after detoxing my son was right back on the streets even after I begged his case manager to help get him into a after care program, and my son expressed how going back to the streets will only cause a relapse. Sure enough that's where he is, on the streets using once again at the age of 22. :( It would be more helpful if there were more step down programs or after care treatment.
Detox was amazing, Then over in CSS was like graduating. They found me longterm treatment quickly. However, rooms were not very clean and Dual diagnosis patients were mixed in instead of being two doors down. The counselors at Highpoint were very helpful and the facility was well run-schedules and groups. They sent me to Sheehan Womans in Tewksbury Ma, that was amazing.
Well trained staff is helpful and communicative with family. Group therapy was helpful. Former patient mentors. Some of the amenities were a little sparse. High Point's staff cared about their patients even during the difficult detox and communicated the patient's status when we weren't allowed to visit during that period. There was a nice integration back into it's community after the detox. Also the personal group and individual therapy sessions were both methodical and caring.