McLean Hospital- Ambulatory Treatment Center at Naukeag

McLean Hospital- Ambulatory Treatment Center at Naukeag Petersham Massachusetts

At McLean Naukeag, clients are offered residential and partial hospital care for substance abuse and co-occurring psychiatric disorders in a safe, compassionate clinical setting. Individuals are offered a comprehensive range of treatment services, featuring an in-depth medical assessment, group therapy, medication stabilization, addiction education, aftercare assistance, and more. Care is offered on a residential, inpatient, partial hospital, and outpatient basis.


Operated by McLean Hospital, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School, the McLean Ambulatory Treatment Center at Naukeag offers short-term residential and partial hospitalization programs for adults struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring psychiatric disorders. Medical detoxification is not available on-site — clients requiring detox or psychiatric stabilization can be referred to McLean Hospital. Treatment at Naukeag is intended for those who already have detoxed and need additional treatment in a structured environment. This facility is located in Ashburnham, Mass.


Treatment plans are individualized and combine an in-depth assessment with medication management, group therapy, and life skills training. Other features of treatment include illness management, abstinence education, aftercare assistance, and relapse prevention. To complement the facility’s programs and services, many self-help groups are hosted by McLean both during and after treatment.

Stress management is an important aspect of the program. Additionally, according to the facility’s website, the treatment program works with clients to achieve “personal, career and recovery goals”.

Family involvement throughout treatment is strongly recommended. Family members, pending the resident’s permission, are active from the initial assessment to aftercare planning.


According to the facility’s website, staff include board-certified psychiatrists, licensed clinical social workers, registered nurses, and expressive therapists.


The facility, located 60 miles northwest of Boston in Ashburnham, Mass., sits beside a lake on well-kept grounds. Residents have comfortable bedrooms and access to common areas and the grounds. Visitors are allowed during designated hours every afternoon, and cell phones are permitted (except during therapy sessions). Similarly, smoking is allowed but only in designated outdoor areas.


To date, four alumni have provided feedback for McLean Hospital – Ambulatory Treatment Center at Naukeag. All feedback was positive.

The facility earned five out of five stars for treatment effectiveness from all respondents polled, as well as four- and five-star ratings for accommodations and amenities, and meals and nutrition. Of the accommodations, alum K.C. wrote: “The sleeping accommodations are 2 in a room, very comfortable and the food was outstanding.”

Additionally, alumni praised the staff. Alum J.P. wrote: “The staff at both McLeans/Nuakeag were all exceptional. I highly recommend it… McLeans helped save my life & they are experts at addiction & mental illness, which is the same thing.” Alum K.C. agreed: “The staff is second to none, they teach you how to handle life WITHOUT alcohol/drugs.”

On its unofficial Facebook page, the facility earned three five-star reviews. [1] In the only written review, alum Debbi wrote: “Can’t say enough about this place.Went to McLeans for detox,then I was fortunate enough to go here,will be a year clean & sober.”


At the time of this writing, three loved ones submitted feedback to The reviews were positive.

Loved ones gave the facility four- and perfect five-star ratings for treatment effectiveness. Loved one Cathy, whose son attended this facility twice, commented: “Great support for the addict.” She gave five out of five stars for the level of staff support and four stars for the quality of counseling, the leadership, and pricing.

Loved ones gave the facility three out of five stars for accommodations and amenities, and meals and nutrition. One mother, Amy, told “A life saver for our child. The program is comprehensive yet caring and compassionate. We highly recommend this if you are fortunate enough to get in.”


According to its website, McLean Hospital** accepts Medicare, Massachusetts Medicaid, and many private insurance and managed care plans,** including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Harvard Pilgrim, Tufts, and United.


McLean Hospital- Ambulatory Treatment Center at Naukeag Reviews

As a first timer to rehab, I was sooo impressed with Naukeag. Some of the highlights were cell phone and computer use, mostly single bed rooms, good food, freedom to leave the property for walks, hikes or with family, great staff that cared and motivated patients, and lots of free time. I was only disappointed in not receiving a refill on a new prescription I was prescribed for high blood pressure. They tripled my dose half way through the treatment and I only had a few days left of medication by the time I left. I received refills for all the other psychiatric medications but not this "medical" one. I saw improvements on my blood pressure on my home device and was just confounded they wouldn't refill this prescription. I'm waiting until I see my NP in a couple weeks to have it refilled. The facility was good because of the freedoms. It was clean, well run, and inspiring. The only weakness I saw was the nursing staff and this was only a small weakness. Some of the nursing staff were a little moody at times. This may have been due to importance of the job with restricted medications (I wasn't on any).
This place gets it right. I've been to way too many in Pa, NJ Ny and my trip to MASS was soo worth it. I think this place has everything. Speaking of the detox and especially the aftercare. The doctors nurses and staff are way above anything I experienced but the people themselves. I mean patients made it great. I can go on and on. Ty naukeag.
A two week program is simply not enough. Do not waste your money on this place.
I entered treatment at Naukeag completely broken. The individual work I did with my counselor and the groups helped me to get in touch with the trauma that was fueling.My addiction. Thr setting of Naukeag Lake is so serene that while you are at such a vulnerable time, I found refuge in thr ability to reconnect with God- something I'd lost in active addiction.
My dearest friend -- my soul sister -- bravely fought a horrible addiction for so many years. Naukeag was the only treatment that helped her conquer it.