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Lahey Health Behavioral Services Danvers Massachusetts

Lahey Health Behavioral Services offers comprehensive addiction treatment and behavioral health services for teens and adults. Our team of licensed professionals is dedicated to helping individuals develop the necessary skills for lifelong recovery. We provide a range of services including supervised withdrawal treatment, safe medical detoxification, residential stabilization treatment, counseling, group therapy, and medication-assisted treatment. Additionally, we offer coursework to fulfill court-ordered substance abuse sentencing.


Lahey Health Behavioral Services is the result of the merger between two well-established non-profit health and human services organizations on Boston’s North Shore. We currently have more than a dozen locations that provide inpatient and outpatient treatment for addictive and psychiatric disorders. Our headquarters, as well as our detox center, methadone clinic, short-term stabilization residence, and dual diagnosis rehab residence for adolescent boys, are all located in Danvers, Mass.


We offer medically monitored detoxification for individuals struggling with substance abuse, including alcohol, opiates, or benzodiazepines. During this process, clients participate in psychoeducational group sessions and 12-step meetings at our dedicated detox center. Upon completion, we provide referrals for continued recovery.

Our outpatient methadone clinic offers maintenance dosing, wellness education, individual and group counseling, family therapy, and lab work and testing services including HIV and substance use screening.

The Danvers-based youth day school and residential facility provides a 90-day program for boys with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. After detox services if necessary, residents engage in holistic therapies such as pet, recreational, and music therapy, as well as counseling, emotions management, and 12-step practices.


Our team at Lahey Health Behavioral Services consists of medical doctors, master’s level health services administrators, licensed mental health and substance abuse counselors, and master’s level registered nurses. We hire master’s level clinicians and direct care staff with a high school diploma as the minimum requirement. According to, the staff’s level of training and experience has received an average rating of 2.9 out of five stars based on feedback from 10 individuals.


Many of our programs in Danvers are located on a common campus, which includes a 50-bed adult detox unit and a 15-bed residential rehab for youth. Some outpatient services provide transportation, and we offer services in multiple languages including English, Khmer, and Spanish.


Based on feedback from nine alumni, the reviews of our facility have been mixed. Some alumni have had positive experiences while others have had negative experiences.

Regarding the staff’s level of training and experience, alumni have expressed different opinions. Some have praised the staff, particularly those who have personal experience with recovery. However, others have criticized the staff for their lack of client counseling.

The highest rated category among alumni is affordability, with an average rating of 3.8 out of five stars.


According to six loved ones polled by, the reviews of our facility have been mixed to negative. However, two-thirds of them would still recommend our facility, despite some concerns about the effectiveness of treatment and the short length of stay in crisis stabilization.

Some loved ones have echoed the sentiment expressed by alumni, stating that we need more educated staff who understand the challenges of addiction. However, others have appreciated the availability of our facility as a crisis center.


On Glassdoor, former and current employees have given Lahey Health Behavioral Services an overall average rating of 2.7 out of five stars. While some have praised the work environment and their colleagues, there have been concerns raised about the focus on numbers by upper management and a lack of clinical background.


Our programs have different costs and financial arrangements, but we accept major insurance plans, self-pay, and Medicaid. We also offer a sliding fee scale for many services. The youth residential program is funded by the state.

Lahey Health Behavioral Services Reviews

It was dependent on my loved one, the facility did not work until she was ready. Location was convenient.
Only rehab I know that the staff dates the patients. That's not what the steps teach you
they were somewhat pleasant at times. non professional. they need to understand the patient, and their needs and wants.
Horrible excuse for rehab. No supervision in rooms
A good friend of mine was a patient recently here. At one point he needed to go to the quiet room. Other times he wasn't a threat to himself or others and he was still sent there! My friend is severely mentally ill. He wouldn't know how to file a complaint. The treatment of him was awful. I would never recommend this facility to anyone! As a former patient, I personally witnessed people being sent to the quiet room who weren't of harm to themselves or others.